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Mama Alanna
Yesterday 08:59 PM
SPIDERS, and more spiders, and more spiders...
If it's in my house, I'm going to introduce it to Mr. Rolled-up Newspaper. I'm not going to ask it for ID! (1,551 views, 13 replies)
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Yesterday 06:24 PM
MH's exercise thread
It took me a while but I finally figured out why my left pointer finger was achy. I hold it against the top of my cane. Duh, took me quite a while to figure it out. (16,899 views, 259 replies)
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Yesterday 06:21 PM
Marvelous May Menus
DH wants Coney Dogs tonight. Me? I can't eat chili, it's to spicy, and I'm not fond of hot dogs. I think I'll have salad. (990 views, 48 replies)
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Yesterday 05:38 PM
Gregg Allman dead at 69
:( (57 views, 1 replies)
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Yesterday 04:49 PM
No Car
Unshod -- only 5' 7" I'm the shortest female on the fraternal side and the tallest on the maternal side. All the aunts / female cousins on the fraternal side are between 5' 10" and 6' 13" (cuz as... (223 views, 17 replies)
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Auburn Boy
Yesterday 04:47 PM
You have heard of the USB Mouse?
I took the sides off of the machine, and then pestered him with gentle prodding until I could grab enough of him.., :) ---------- Post added at 01:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:44... (135 views, 8 replies)
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Yesterday 02:50 PM
Soviets Playing Both Sides
Dude, of course they are playing multiple sides, just as we are most likely doing in their country. Welcome to the wonderful world of politics. :rolleyes: I'm going to go plant more veggies. ... (41 views, 1 replies)
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Yesterday 02:09 PM
weightloss surgery part 2
I'm part of the wonderers too. It's not like you to be so quiet with all you have going on. So how about bringing us up to date? (705 views, 27 replies)
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Yesterday 11:47 AM
British Airways Hacked - Worldwide(5-27)
Doubt it is hacking, although that would be more dramatic in the news. I would venture they rolled out some patch or upgrade. It kills th service and got replicated via the wonder of virtual... (80 views, 2 replies)
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Mama Alanna
Yesterday 10:55 AM
Meanwhile in Australia .
That cute is just a disguise, I tell you!!!!! https://cdn.meme.am/cache/instances/folder838/25420838.jpg (20,337 views, 237 replies)
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Yesterday 08:28 AM
At Least 28 Coptic Christians Killed in Attack in Egypt
Last night President El Sisi responded to this horrific act with 6 air strikes in Libya where these attacks were planned and from which the alleged attackers came. (75 views, 1 replies)

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