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Originally Posted by Catbird View Post
I agree with you - especially about the grey hairs!

I will say, between one thing and another, that watch list is getting pretty damn long.

No kidding. Sometimes I wonder if, in some ways, we know just enough to be dangerously inclined to scare ourselves to death? We can see bacteria now & with electon microscopy, see viruses as well. We can study the genetics past & present. We know enough to recognize the RISKS implied by certain sorts of microbial evolution. We know enough to know that there's a whole lot we don't know know including no doubt, crucial keys to a pandemic launching itself. And that is indeed scary as hell.

But balancing all that off - as a species we've been around a long time & have survived a number of pandemics of different origin. And we remain.

I just don't think, in spite of all our concern, that relatively high pandemics are that easy to get going.
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