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Again, getting past the alarmist language, there are some interesting nuggets in this Ninman commentary. One of the three PA kids was sampled before the fair began, and is still recovering 6 weeks later. There has been no report of any hogs being found infected, so I'm starting to think that the fair-hog connection is spurious.

Severe and Widespread trH3N2 Raises Concerns
Recombinomics Commentary 21:15
September 7, 2011

Two other individuals, confirmed ill over the weekend, are recovering.

The above comment from the September 5, 2011 Pennsylvania Department of Health press release regarding cases from Washington County raise concerns that one of the patients (9F), A/Pennsylvania/10/2011, has been “recovering” for more than six weeks.
Today the CDC released sequences from the three patients described in the above press release and one set of sequences came from a sample collected July 27, 2011. This collection date suggests this patient was infected well in advance of the August 13 start date of the Washington County Fair, raising concerns that trH3N2 infections are widespread and in the above case, severe.
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