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Default Sunspot 1302 bears watching

New sunspot 1302 has already produced two X-flares, an X1.4 on Sept. 22nd and X1.9 on Sept. 24th, quickly followed by a strong M7. All three produced CMEs, none of which were Earth directed, but do involved glancing blows, at least. In a few days any CMEs it produces WILL be earth directed.

1302 is huge, with an active region stretching more than 100,000 km end to end. It has multiple dark cores, each of which is larger than earth. It is growing

According to
"The sunspot's magnetic field is crackling with sub-X-class flares that could grow into a larger eruption as the sunspot continues to turn toward Earth."

Follow for regular reports on solar activity. They also send out regular email alerts re: interesting important activity.
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