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Default Hooray for the Rich Who Don’t Pay Taxes


“Of course,” Jeffrey pointed out concerning the progressive tax payment model, “if private enterprise did this, we would all see this as unfair exploitation.”

And of course, Jeffrey is right. Could you imagine if you had to pay more for your gas, meat and bread because you earned more?
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Mitt Romney recently released his tax information for the past couple of years. Wouldn’t you know it, he managed to lower his effective tax rate to 13.9%…by giving away millions to things he cares about.

That’s not what the headlines blare, however. What you see is that this man who earned millions of dollars per year paid far, far less a percentage of that income to the feds than middle-class suckers.
The best part.

Well, I also like the "tax per head" parts.
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don’t, hooray, pay, rich, taxes

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