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Technology Humans are tool-users, and technology is where our science becomes reality, giving us the powerful electronic and mechanical tools that mostly make our lives easier, yet more complex, and at times frustrating.

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Ought Six
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Arrow Anonymous claims credit for crashing CIA site

* I have the right to live, thus I have the right to defend my life from attackers who would take it from me.
* I have the right to my private property, thus I have the right to defend my property from thieves who would take it from me.
* I have the right to self-determination, thus I have the right to defend my liberty from tyrants who would take it from me.
* The only usable tools for these tasks are guns, and thus I have the right to shoot anyone who would take my guns from me.
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Omne ignotum pro magnifico
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It is interesting to see the tactics exposed by Arquilla and Ronfeldt in "Athena's Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age (http://www.rand.org/pubs/monograph_reports/MR880.html) especially the concepts of swarming and asynchronous warfare.

Anyway, here is the problem I see working with groups such as Anonymous.

Coordination is the key. If they were smart what they would have done is to use US subjects and servers sitting Unites States. That way, only the FBI and state and local people could pursue the case.

FBI isn't known for chasing hackers when there are other crimes such as terrorism which gets more press and funding.

If you use non US subjects or launch from non-US servers, then the CIA can get directly involved since it originated outside the US. In addition, it also allows the NSA to get involved. (One side of the telecommunication must be on non-US soil for them to get involved.)

Take down the public CIA website? BFD.

Note: I am not advocating criminal activity. These techniques are nothing new so I am not revealing anything most astute info security people and opponents, don't already know.
“The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time and with utter recklessness.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, The Puppet Masters
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