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Default 4-Year-Old Girl Practices Her Shooting

Father-daughter bonding.

4 for 4 at 4yo.

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― Robert A. Heinlein, The Puppet Masters
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Man, she's got the knack for stilling herself before her shot. Nicely done in a wind.
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Attempting to judge the magazine size and guessing a .223/5.56 rifle. Had to be suppressed, as recoil & noise was almost non-existent. But spot on for her and dad, that was awesome.

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That was great! Too bad we don't know her name - she's likely to be on the Olympic team in a few years.

I'm glad to see how her father kept his hand on the weapon the whole time. Good job of keeping safety first.

I was 6 when I started dry-firing and went to live ammo when I was 7. Each kid is different and some don't develop the necessary physical and mental abilities needed for good shooting until they are older. But even so, we plan on introducing our GS to guns, gun safety and dry-firing when he's about 5 or so, and see how he does. His current level of development leads me to think that he'll take to it like a duck to water.

It's going to be fun to pass the appreciation of guns onto the next generation.
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Mama Alanna
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DH started the boys on archery at 5 or 6. First lessons were range safety.

He started both our girls, and their sons on gun safety (but not handling) at 3. Beginning with "Is this gun loaded?" and going on to "ALL guns are loaded unless you have unloaded them yourself."
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4yearold, girl, practices, shooting

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