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Basic Skills A place to learn basic survival skills.

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Default Building a fire in wet conditions.


When you post videos such as this, there will be other videos that will give you different ideas. I would advise watching several and learning several different methods.

And try them.

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Oric (01-17-2017)
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Just as, if not more important... PRACTICE.
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Originally Posted by CanadaSue View Post
Just as, if not more important... PRACTICE.
Chiminea on the deck is a good place to start.

Make your feather stick out of southern yellow pile or go around and pick up pine knots from the rotted pine trees.

Or have a road flare. LOL

Just like anything else, preparation does most of it for your.

Watching him split that wood down to smaller sticks reminded me of so many times seeing people get one barely started then throw big logs on it like it will immediately catch.

Hey, it works in the movies, right!
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Thymeless (01-17-2017)
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When we lived in the hinterlands where starting a fire meant not dying I always carried a snuff can full of sawdust soaked in diesel fuel with electric tape wrapped around the seal in my coat pocket...if you cant start a fire with that then well....

Also had plenty of boy scout matches (marine flares) on my quad and in my trucks.
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I've had good luck with this, I keep a 9V and a pad of steel wool (separated of course) in my bag.

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flourbug (01-18-2017), Oric (01-18-2017)
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blue gecko
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I've got to try that! My favorite is fat wood rolled in wax paper tubes and dry tinder in graduating fineness
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building, conditions, fire, wet

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