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Armory Our modern, fully-stocked armory is where enthusiasts gather to discuss shooting and other martial arts, and related subjects.

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Default Rules for the Armory

We have grown here at TBM and I have been pondering this post for quite a while now. As the Mod of the Armory, I have a primary duty (as I see it) to protect the good folks that provide us with our little slice of heaven here at TBM. To that end, I feel that there are certain topics that off limits in this forum.

1) Any discussion of illegal modifications to firearms, ie, converting a semi automatic to full automatic, cutting barrels to less than 18 inches for shotguns and 16 inches for rifles in violation of NFA regulations, homemade silencers, etc.

2) The discussion of altering a firearms safety devices (disconnecting a safety) or the discussion of modifications to a firearms trigger mechanism that would produce a "hair trigger".

3) Any discussion of homegrown explosives, no matter the size or intent. I dont care if you want to make your own M-80's, dont talk about it here.

4) Promotion of unsafe acts that, if copied by another may result in injury or death

We may discuss news articles relating to any of the above, of course, I just dont want someone to ask how to turn their propane torch into a tank killing flamethrower. There are websites that offer discussion for these things I am sure. TBM does not need to be one.

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