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Default Edmonton's only booze-fuelled knitting circle expands

For Anna Davidson, there is nothing better than a pint of beer with a side of stitch-stitch-purl.

And she's not alone.

Apparently, Edmontonians love to enjoy a cold one along with their crocheting.

She says the Alberta Yarn Project's monthly 'Craft and Draught Nights', where Edmontonians come together to knit and drink and tell a yarn or two, have become wildly popular.

"There is something social about gathering for a beer, so having that social element with crafting is really nice, because sometimes people end up alone in their living rooms knitting and watching Netflix, which is great but it can be lonely," Davidson said during a Wednesday morning interview on CBC Radio's Edmonton AM.

"This creates a place for community."
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There's a knitting circle like that in a bar near me. Problem is it's always at night and I've got night blindness. If not, I would so be there!
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Haven't picked up a knitting needle in 40 years but ......... Might be tempted to do so if convivial company and adult beverages were involved !
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Originally Posted by WitchMisspelled View Post
There's a knitting circle like that in a bar near me. Problem is it's always at night and I've got night blindness. If not, I would so be there!
Can you take a cab, Witch? Or do you know someone who would be willing to give you a lift?

I hear you on the night blindness. The retinologist says the shots in the eye should improve the vision in my left eye enough to clear much of it up.
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