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Default Boy Scouts of America introduces video games badge

***Boy Scouts of America has introduced a new video games award for its Cub Scouts, boys 7 to 10 years of age - but it will take more than simply playing a game to earn it.

The award -- in the form of a loop worn on the belt -- requires a scout to explain the importance of a video games ratings system, create a daily schedule that includes chores and homework alongside playing video games, and learning to play a new videogame that is approved by a parent, guardian or teacher...***

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I'm a gamer, but that is a stupid badge... A badge is for an accomplishment.. A real life accomplishment. Gaming is fun, but apart from being a relaxing distraction it isn't an accomplishment that does anything to benefit anyone.
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It is not all bad , there is evidence that playing computer games
lifts intelligence .
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