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Default Rep. Maxine Waters pranked, talks to "Ukraine PM" about sanctions, election hacking, army placement

Google Translation of https://www.facebook.com/Vovan222/po...42825552396662

Vladimir Kuznetsov - pranker Vovan
AT 4:48 am Yesterday ·

Today we have a very funny political Prank. Member of the US House of Representatives from California, Maxine Waters, recently said if Russian invaded Korea receives a wake-up call supposedly from the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. He said that Russian hackers interfered in the electoral system of the Limpopo, and Putin's army had already captured the Lions and Gabon! In addition, the aggressor even reached television Poroshenko and Waters.

Full transcript (very poor translation from the video - fb):
P - pranker
K - Congresswoman
P: Good morning, distinguished members of the House of Representatives. This Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman
K: Good morning, this is Maxine Waters.
P: It's nice to talk to you. Firstly, I would like to tell you that we very much appreciate what you are doing for our country
K: You're welcome. I was certainly surprised that you called me, but it's very nice, and we will try to do the right thing.
P: Of course. So, I wanted to talk to you about sanctions against Russia. I spoke with Senators McCain and Graham, and they told me that we will try to prevent the easing of sanctions.
K: Yes, what we are planning. And recently told me that the lens Senator and Senator McCain are trying to impose more sanctions, tougher sanctions.
P: Yes, but there are some difficulties. They met with the new president, and his position is unpredictable. I heard that he wants to ease the sanctions ...
K: Yes, he wants to remove all sanctions - as he said during the election campaign.
But recently I heard that he wants to analyze all sanctions, decide what to do with them. So he talked about how to remove them, and then talked about how to revise them. So I do not know what his plans are, but he must have realized that they will be difficult to push through the Senate, so now he has handed back.
P: But I think that the House of Representatives will be a lot of problems?
K: Yes, yes, there will be many problems.
P: You know, I have a good relationship with Clinton. How is she? You met her?
K: Yes, she's fine. She began to appear in public. She has appeared several times on TV, and she fasts on Twitter with your phone. She'll be back soon, she'll be fine. Of course, it will be about it [thinking] and worry. Maybe the rest of his life. It was all so ... unusual situation. Absolutely everyone thought that she would win. This is a huge disappointment, and very painful. So it will be difficult to forget. It will always be with her, as one of the biggest surprises ... in her life.
P: Yes, I understand. Yes, but it is still the heroine, in my opinion. She tried.
K: Yes, she is the heroine.
P: Have you heard the latest news about what happened in Ukraine?
K: No.
P: Can you hear that we have an escalation of the conflict?
K: Yes, I heard about it.
A: There are many issues on which I have called you - Russia occupied Donetsk and Lviv.
K: How do you spell it? Lions?
P: Lviv - in the west.
K: Who in the West?
A: Regular Army of Putin.
K: Once again. Regular troops Putin. They [have] already in the east and the west?
P Yes, already in the west, so we and calls to congressmen to talk about new sanctions. And in general, I would like to talk to you about many issues. I believe that you are in the US and we are at must impose new sanctions on Russia because of the recent case. Because they have interfered in the internal politics of Limpopo. Maybe you know - Russian hackers attacked its servers, computer server. They did it during the elections in Limpopo.
For they have cracked the system, controls the selection?
P Yes, broke electoral system in Limpopo and established its puppet regime of Dr. Dolittle.
For in Limpopo?
P Yes.
K And if they were able to seize control of the election results?
P Yes, they [completely] changed the election campaign. They've caused more damage than in the US.
By TOC. Even more?
P: Yes.
K: Who are the people who perform these operations for them?
P: Who was the ideologue? That's all - Putin.
K: No, who carries themselves hackers? Who breaks the electoral system and allows them to win?
P: He has special advisers. We know their nicknames, you can burn them.
Their name names ... - Vova and LEXUS.
For Lexus, and how there first?
P Vova. It is their nicknames on the Internet
K: I see. But as it is written, via B? Bova?
P: B-O-B-A-H.
K: Oh, VovEn. OK.
P: Yes, it sounds like Putin.
K: And Lexus. And it's their names on the Internet?
P: Yes, the names on the Internet. We have not found out their real names. This insider information.
By: TOC, I understood, I understood, I understood ...
P: And the president Limpopo ... He lost the election
and he wants to move to Ukraine, because he's afraid that they with him to do something
By: TOC. So he was afraid that they would kill him?
P: Yes. Worry about it.
By TOC, wow, wow ... Well, if, if ... If anything, the US will be on your side, guys. And these new invasion of these places ... I think we need to ... I do not know how many of us there are people from our intelligence agencies .... But we need more information on this subject. When I talk to them, I have to make a specific statement.
For example, that the [Russian] continues its aggression in the city ... and that a lot of people ... are protected in Ukraine. And we must continue the sanctions, do not remove the sanctions with Russia. So okay?
P: Yes, of course. The latest news is that we also care about - it happened in Gabon
you heard about this?
K: No, what happened in Gabon? (Excitedly)
P: Putin to send its regular troops. He decided to support the regime of President Ondimba.
By: AA!
P: Yes.
K: Yes, yes, yes. I did not know that there is also his troops. Yes. We will do all that we can! If you arrive in the US in the near future, I would like to know about it. And maybe, if I'm going to fly to London or somewhere in there, we could meet.
P: I would like to warn you about his new weapon, the weapon of hackers. You know what happened to our president? He was in his office and watched TV. And his channel itself has changed to Russia Today. And there was interviewed Putin. So, I do not know that, once they have gained access to television channels.
K: And with me the same thing happened!
P: Are you wrong ...
K: I spoke to the Congress and my broadcast [on C-SPAN channel] was broken, there were Russia Today and 10 minutes to advertise.
(hear the muffled laughter Vova)
P: It was awful.
By Yes. Exactly.
P: Yes, and the same in Ukraine. This happened to our president. I was in his office, we saw the Ukrainian TV - suddenly switches to Russia Today, and then gives an interview Putin.
K: Yes. We err tried to find out who is responsible for what has happened here.
Because the channel management C-SPAN, they could not give us a satisfactory explanation. They argue that it's just a technical problem.
P Yes. I hope that we will find a solution for this problem. And I am very happy and I would like to tell you - thank you, dear kogressvumen. It was very nice to talk to you. I hope that we'll stay in touch. I hope that we will be strong, and that we stop the Russian aggression.
K: Yes, I am a firm stand on the same positions. And yes, we need to keep in touch. And if there is an opportunity to meet in person, it would be wonderful.
N Good day to you. To you too, thank you! And you!
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Maxine is brilliant. A real shining star.

"I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion.". -Maxine Waters
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Originally Posted by leistb View Post
Maxine is brilliant. A real shining star.

"I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion.". -Maxine Waters
Great a new poster child for birth control! Tie them tubes now cause you kid may be one of these!
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Ha... they got McCain too:


Russians hacking elections by proving how stupid and corrupt our politicians are...
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Go get 'em Johnny!
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army, election, hacking, maxine, placement, pranked, rep, sanctions, talks, ukraine pm, waters

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