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Default wood stain questions

so I have purchased wood footlockers for the boys to use for boy scout summer camps. these may get wet, sun parched, humidified, kick, sat on , dropped, ect.

they need to be stained and sealed for protection against the elements

I have one child for sure that likes the regular wood stain so no problem there...

BUT I have 2 kids that will more than likely want to do the colored stains (scroll to the water based clear tint base colors)

so my question is this... if I used the colored stains that are very cool can I then seal it with a exterior grade sealer?
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A good quality exterior polyurethane should do the trick. The color will fade in the sun though.
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Reds and yellows will fade faster than the other colors.

Remember when you are staining to keep a "wet line" or you can see lap marks.

But hey, it is their stuff. Let them do what they want!

There are some UV resistant polyurethanes. Home grade in Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Boat grade poly will also do the trick and last a long time.

In any case, don't shake it! LOL, bubbles will transfer to the item.

I like several thin layers than one thick one.

When it is almost dry you can impress your fingerprint or thumbprint, then let it dry. It will always be yours and you can prove it! LOL

Maybe poly the inside to ease cleaning down the road?
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The polyurethane sealer should block UV and greatly reduce color fading. I would be worried about the solvent in the sealer bringing the pigments back into solution and having them blot or run, though. Ask the guys in the paint department at the hardware store or home center.
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