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Default Home inspection photos you won't believe


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DD1 and her husband put in a bid on an older home in Frederick. Really nice. 4 bedrooms, inlaw apartment, loads of parking, 2 car garage with plenty of room for SIL's motorcycle, workshop area, 2 fireplaces, nice big deck. Home inspection showed the kind of minor repairs that any house needs, but something prompted them to get the plumbing inspected as well, with a second inspector who ran a camera down into the pipes That showed that all of the plumbing had been replaced, including the part that ran from the house to the city sewer -- EXCEPT for the 12-foot section that ran under the deck. That was still the original cast-iron. The original rusting-out cast-iron plumbing. The inspector who was giving it the 'colonoscopy' broke off the valve just trying to get it open. The bank that owned the mortgage (it had been foreclosed on) refused to drop the price the $10,000 that the kids asked for. It countered with $500 and offering to take the deck out. The kids said No and walked. Yeah, they're out the $800 that the inspectors charged, but worth it not to buy a house that would need $$$$$ in plumbing work before the house could be lived in.
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DD#1 has a similar issue, only her pipe is under the garage, and their inspection did not reveal the issue. They now have a bathroom in their ground floor that is unusable until they jackhammer the floor out and replace that pipe.
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