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Default The GGGGRRRRRRRR News Thread

We have a Good News thread, and a Crazy Years (News) thread. But I think we need a GGGGGRRRRR News thread for those things we read about that cause us to react with plain, old, justifiable anger.

Like this:

2-year-old Thornton boy left inside vehicle overnight in subzero temperatures survives

A two-year-old boy who was left inside a vehicle overnight, as temperatures plummeted well below zero, was miraculously found alive by police late Saturday morning.

Investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened.

They say Nicole Carmon, 26, told them she became disoriented following an accident and that she got a ride home. When she woke up Saturday morning, she realized her son wasn't there, so she called Westminster Police.

They in turn called Thornton PD and asked for help finding the woman's car, a green Ford Fiesta, somewhere along the Washington Street corridor between 100th and 120th Avenues.

Police found the car, covered in snow, in a parking lot in front of the Panda Express on the 900 block of East 120th Avenue.

When they swept off the snow and opened the door, they found the little boy inside.

"He had suffered serious frostbite and hypothermia," said Matt Barnes of the Thornton Police Department. "He was taken to a local hospital."

Barnes said the boy is expected to survive, but he didn't know if the toddler could end up losing any fingers or toes.

...Carmon is now being held in the Adams County Detention Center for investigation of Felony Child Abuse.
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I think it's past time for such a thread. I'm seeing more & more stories lately that amply fill the criteria for that designation!
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Let me guess. Got stoned, went off with friends, forgot kid was in the car. Or some other order of those. Lock her up!
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Misdemeanor death? Right - because killing a 5 year old has the same significance as not having proof of insurance in your car.

Man charged after boy hit, killed by construction truck in Hillsborough

A 5-year-old boy died after being hit by a construction vehicle in the driveway of a house in Hillsborough, according to police. A man was charged in the incident.

...Officials said the vehicle came loose while it was being loaded and rolled down a hill towards the house, hitting the child. The house had significant damage to the garage area.

The boy was taken to the hospital where he passed away from his injuries.

Alejandro Suarez of Angier was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. Officials said he was responsible for the control of the vehicle.

"At this point, we don't believe the vehicle was properly secured," Hillsborough Police Chief Duane Hampton said. "We will also be following up the investigation, looking at the mechanical condition of the vehicle and confirming all of the working relationships, regarding specifically which company the crew was working for."
"I think the most un-American thing you can say is, 'You can't say that.'” Garrison Keillor

"It's not inequality which is the real misfortune, it's dependence." Voltaire
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College president fired for letting homeless student sleep in the library during subzero temperatures

Brian Carroll said he was fired from Vatterott College on January 9th
He found a homeless and schizophrenic student camping out in a wooded area
The former president gave the student $10 and let him sleep in the library
Vatterott Corporate allegedly fired Carroll for putting their 'assets at risk'


Brian Carroll (pictured right with his wife) was
fired from his position as president in Vatterott
College for allowing a homeless student to sleep
in the library
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This man is fired for being a decent human being and trying to mitigate a serious problem for a student ....... Yes, perhaps he might have made some other choice for helping this student -- But in the end, the student did not cause damage and the case could be made, Brian Carroll saved the student's life.

I hope another the alumni show their extreme displeasure with the school and demand he be reinstated.

There's nutbags setting themselves on fire in protest over the coming administration --- homeless vets in pretty much every city ---- 'spechul snowflakes' getting puppies and passes on finals to cope with their candidate losing an election........

But one decent human being, reaching out to another in need and they lose their job.

Screwed up world, it is ...........
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ggggrrrrrrrr, news, thread

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