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Default Angiostronyliasis (Rat Lungworm)

So, it appears Mrs F may have brought back an unwanted souvenir from our Hawaii trip.

In the 3 weeks since we've returned, she's been saying that she feels like she has the flu, but without having the flu:
exhausted, body aches (especially her jaw and spine), neck stiffness, stomach upset.

She's been to two doctors and the first problem was a double ear infections (inner and outer) and a perforated eardrum. That's since healed, but she's still having the symptoms described above.

I wondered if she picked up a parasite in a small stream we forded, but she didn't have the symptoms for giardia and leptospirosis.

Then we find out there's been 2 recent confirmed cases and 4 more probable cases of Angiostronyliasis (Rat Lungworm). They were reported on the islands of Maui and Hawaii (which is the island we were on). She called the Hawaii Dept of Health and they confirmed that her symptoms sound like it. They wanted the name of every restaurant we ate at. It apparently is transmitted by slugs and snails on raw foods. Mrs F ate practically nothing but salads and raw food the entire trip.

The scary thing is, at its worst, it can lead to meningitis.

In fact, when she called the doctor's office here, the nurse said she had the symptoms of meningitis. We're keeping a close eye on her for fever.

Hawaii cases: http://www.staradvertiser.com/2017/0...ore-suspected/

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/dpdx/angiostrongyliasis/index.html
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Sending good thoughts your and Mrs. F's way, Fart. I hope it turns out to be something more mundane and less dangerous. Please keep us posted.
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Healing thoughts to her, Fart.
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angiostronyliasis, lungworm, rat

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