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Default 8yo, cosmetic surgery

Just like Mum!

“My children are all well-rounded. I think they’re very fortunate to have a mother like me...”

Mum reveals why she's buying her daughter £8,000 of cosmetic surgery vouchers for her EIGHTH birthday

Sarah Burge believes it’s perfectly OK to introduce her daughter to the world of Botox, facelifts, nose and boob job
Motherly love? Sarah with her eight-year-old daughter Poppy Motherly love? Sarah with her eight-year-old daughter Poppy

For their eighth birthday most little girls can expect a new doll, or a bike, some clothes or maybe a games console.

Not Poppy Burge. When she wakes up to her special day next month, her mum Sarah will hand her £8,000 of vouchers... to spend on plastic surgery.

And while Poppy is so young her two front teeth have yet to come through, Sarah believes it’s perfectly OK to introduce her daughter to the world of Botox, facelifts, nose-jobs and boob jobs.

Sarah, 51, who has already spent more than £250,000 on her own cosmetic procedures over the last 20 years, insists that the best gift she can give Poppy is the chance to be just like her.

[Look, Poppy can be on Page 3 with her mum!

I guess Sarrah didn't spend that money on a tummy tuck. Pote]

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"8 is the new 18."

"I'm investing in my child's future."

Everything about this 'mother' is wrong. She's teaching her adughter she's not okay how she is. Her party will involve the child JUDGING her 'friends' as they walk down a catwalk. As a fellow parent - that's one party my daughter wouldn't be attending. As to claiing posing for those photos are all about female empowerment? Bullshit. They're about completely inappropriate sexualization of a CHILD.
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Cheap advertising for her own business...although the results dont look too good IMO
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8yo, cosmetic, surgery

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