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Omne ignotum pro magnifico
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Default World's Smallest PC


This Is the ‘World’s Smallest PC’, and You Can Buy It Now

Late last year, we showed you a sneak preview of the FXI Cotton Candy; a dual-core computer that's the size of a USB stick. Well, production is underway, and you can pre-order one right now.

Packed inside its tiny little frame is a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor built by Samsung, along with an ARM Mali-400 GPU. It also packs HDMI-out, WiFi and a Micro USB port— and comes with Android or Ubuntu pre-loaded as the OS. It also handles MPEG-4 and H.264 video formats, so you could plug it into a TV and use it as a rudimentary media PC.

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El Turco
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This is a typical configuration for an android telephone so they repacked the internals! İ will be suprised if it can handle 720p media
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Ought Six
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Another little PC; the Raspberry Pi for $35.


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ARM-Mali GPU will do 1080p Oric.

We have been using these small board PC's for ages for wireless and wired gateways. Routerboard makes a whole stack load with different configurations on board.

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uugghh .. I dont think i would like either! (Too small -- Hard to read the screen,etc)
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smallest, world

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