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Ought Six
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Arrow MF Global: A New Hope In The Effort To Send A Wall Street Big Shot To Jail

* I have the right to live, thus I have the right to defend my life from attackers who would take it from me.
* I have the right to my private property, thus I have the right to defend my property from thieves who would take it from me.
* I have the right to self-determination, thus I have the right to defend my liberty from tyrants who would take it from me.
* The only usable tools for these tasks are guns, and thus I have the right to shoot anyone who would take my guns from me.
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Git it, booger.
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Mr. Corzine's defense could be that he thought there was enough "excess" cash in the customer account that $175 million could be transferred out of it without breaching the level required by regulators. If that is, in fact, what Mr. Corzine thought, that's a perfectly reasonable defense.
Here's betting he skates. A prominent Demo pol convicted of financial malfeasance just before an election, with the Obama corruptocrats running the Justice Department? Right.
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Of course he knew about strategies , the risk involved and the trend of excess cash in the company. For people in his position 'thinking there's enough' doesn't really cut it.

Lets see what the DoJ makes of this.
Free hugs
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