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it's time for the Guillotine, again
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Default #Radioactive Japan: Canada-Japan Women's Soccer Friendly Match to be Held in Fukushima City

Sending Canadian athletes to Fukushima City next month?

Somebody really should protest the government sending young healthy Canadian women into this environment. Exactly how does this "support the recovery"?

Women's World Cup Soccer [or football for European readers] under the age of 20 will be held in Japan next month. To support the recovery, a friendly match is planned between the Japanese team and the Canadian team in Fukushima City.
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No daughter of mine... etc. Even if I had to 'steal' her passport.

That's idiotic.

Sending young folks in to help clean up - in proper protective gear & under adult supervision is one thing but even then - no, no MY kids. You don't know the results decades down the road or even during the reproductive period.
"Most of what you did with Ebola was go to Africa and count corpses after the fact." - CJ Peters
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