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  1. SEASONAL OUTLOOK FOR FALL 2008 & WINTER 2008/2009 New England
  2. Greenland Watch
  3. Arctic Watch
  4. Invest 94
  5. Where's Gustav Going to hit landfall in US?
  6. Household Hazards: What to Avoid in a Storm
  7. Cooling trends
  8. Arctic ice 'is at tipping point'
  9. The Purgatory Train's a-Coming
  10. Australia drought gets worse.
  11. Hints of methane's renewed rise
  12. Category 4 Hurricane IKE
  13. Hurricane Forecast: "No Letup" in Weeks Ahead
  14. Climate 'hockey stick' is revived
  15. Major ice-shelf loss for Canada
  16. Experts offer scaled-back sea level rise forecast
  17. Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century
  18. Almanac: Global Cooling May Be Under Way
  19. Looks Like Arkansas is going to take a whipping
  20. Climate change a natural occurence or man made?
  21. Calm before storm
  22. Green idealists fail to make grade, says study
  23. US Northeast; Flood Disaster Brewing
  24. Heads Up Downeast
  25. New Little Ice Age Instead of Global Warming?
  26. Alaska glacier GREW.
  27. Milford Haven sailing ship to aid NASA
  28. Wierd Weather in England
  29. DSCOVR Mission May Be Gutted
  30. Emissions trading scheme to cost households an average $7 a week
  31. Hurricane Paloma Now CAT 4- eom
  32. A Weak Sun Possibly Brought Down The Tang Dynasty & Mayan Civilization
  33. Toxic Cloud Masks Warming Effects
  34. Climate change 'to halt ice age'
  35. The world has never seen such freezing heat
  36. Water Vapor Confirmed As Major Player In Climate Change
  37. New rifts form on Antarctic ice shelf
  38. Global Warming Fast Losing Support
  39. Modern day scourge helped ancient Earth escape a deathly deep freeze
  40. ND farmer defies government by draining wetlands
  41. Brazil to cut Deforestation
  42. Inuit leaders Dismayed by Protests from Southern Environmentalists
  43. Aliens Cause Global Warming
  44. Eat camels to protect environment, Aussies told
  45. Assassin spiders, just for you CS ;)
  46. Eco Warriors Snitch On Beavers For 'Illegal Logging'
  47. Earth has warmed 0.4 C in 30 years
  48. Al Gore: "North Pole Will Disappear in 5 Years"
  49. More than 1,000 species discovered in Mekong: WWF
  50. Magma Discovered in Situ for First Time
  51. "The world in 2008 has been cooler than at any time since the turn of the century, scientists say"
  52. Global warming divert ice age?
  53. Italy 50 days of nearly nonstop rain
  54. Canada having its' first completely white Christmas since '71
  55. Biodiesel from Human fat
  56. New World Post-pandemic Reforestation Helped Start Little Ice Age, Say Scientists
  57. Solar Activity Between 1250-1850 Linked To Temperature Changes In Siberia
  58. TVA spills over 500 million gallons of toxic coal waste into the Tennessee River
  59. Asia at risk of era of mega-disasters: report
  60. Trees won't stop tsunamis, scientists warn
  61. Crematorium to help heat homes in Swedish town
  62. Japan to bring back solar power subsidy for homes
  63. Wildlife and climate change
  64. 2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved
  65. NASA Global Temperature Measurements Almost Perfect
  66. Environment minister man-made climate change is a con
  67. Do you have fat squirrels?
  68. Huffpo tears Algor a new one
  69. Sea Ice Ends Year at Same Level as 1979
  70. Nine new marine national monuments declared in central Pacific
  71. Bush designates largest marine conservation effort in history
  72. Sea level rise of 1 meter within 100 years
  73. Deep freeze continues in Germany
  74. Scientists Refute Argument Of Climate Skeptics
  75. Chaitén and climate change
  76. Cosmic Rays and Climate Redux
  77. Clear skies add to global warming?
  78. 9 Ways NASA Can Tackle Climate Change
  79. Antarctica Getting Warmer After All
  80. Are Old-Growth Forests Protected in the U.S.?
  81. Energy-saving bulbs to be tested for UV radiation
  82. Old Growth - threatened by warming
  83. Japan - Launches Greenhouse Gas probe.
  84. Global Warming Ranks Last in Poll
  85. White-Nose Syndrome surfaces in Pennsylvania
  86. Seasons beginning sooner
  87. Interview with James Lovelock,originator of the Gaia theory
  88. Global warming 'irreversible' for next 1000 years: study
  89. Hansen Rebuked By Former NASA Supervisor
  90. Melbourne Faces Its Worst Heat Wave in Century
  91. Glaciers thinning faster than previous decades.
  92. Arctic ice free? Reality check.
  93. Cooler Pacific Ocean Likely To Worsen Florida's Drought
  94. What's Happening to the Sun?
  95. Norway to raise toxic Nazi submarine wreck
  96. New Jungles Prompt a Debate on Rain Forests
  97. 'Hot spot' for toxic harmful algal blooms discovered off Washington coast
  98. Carbon sequestration= dumping crops in ocean ? WTF ?
  99. Czech President Vaclav Klaus Attacks Al Gore
  100. Study: UN Global Warming Forecast Violates Accepted Principles
  101. Many New Species Discovered In Hidden Mozambique Oasis With Help Of Google Earth
  102. Drought warning as the tropics expand
  103. Volcano erupts near Tokyo
  104. The Amazing Story Behind The Global Warming Scam
  105. Mapping Earth's CO2
  106. Climate change could end California farming: Chu
  107. Global Warming - Follow the Money
  108. Fisheries Collapse Imperils Developing Nations
  109. China Declares Highest Level of Drought Emergency
  110. Ice shelf collapse could shift axis of Earth, study says
  111. Texas Drought Emergency
  112. Researchers Discover Iron Deep In The Ocean
  113. Catastrophic Fall in 2009 Global Food Production
  114. Mass media often failing in its coverage of global warming, says climate researcher
  115. The Real polluters
  116. Former astronaut speaks out on global warming
  117. Rise in Malaria Rates, Drug Resistance Tied to Climate
  118. Researchers spot huge split in Antartic ice shelf
  119. Food supply may fall 25% by 2050, says UN
  120. Green wheel turns pedal bike into electric hog
  121. Carbon dioxide map of US released on Google Earth
  122. Does cloud seeding work?
  123. Glaciers In China And Tibet Fading Fast
  124. La Nina is back.
  125. 2008 Was Earth's Coolest Year Since 2000
  126. Japanese: U.N. Man-Made Global Warming Theory Like 'Ancient Astrology'
  127. Study projects weakened monsoon season in South Asia
  128. Carbon Dioxide Drop And Global Cooling Caused Antarctic Glacier To Form
  129. Meet Psychedelica, a new species of fish
  130. Making Sure Medications Are Good for You--And for the Environment
  131. How to survive the coming century
  132. Geologists map rocks to soak CO2 from air
  133. Goodbye, Global Warming?
  134. Climate Change: Driven By The Ocean, Not Human Activity
  135. Scientists: Sea-level rise worse than thought
  136. Ship loses 31 chemical containers off Australia
  137. Tidal wave of trash threatens world oceans
  138. Global warming will save millions of lives
  139. Australia beaches 'disaster zone'
  141. Climate Scientists Struggle To Convince Public Of Urgency
  142. China: Our Carbon Emissions Are Your Problem, Not Ours
  143. Robot fish to hunt down pollution
  144. Linking Climate Change in Siberia and Britain
  145. Setback for climate technical fix
  146. Twenty years after Valdez spill, Exxon grows in Alaska
  147. EPA says it could block mountaintop coal permits
  148. Massive Chinese dust cloud reaches California today
  149. U.S. House passes massive wilderness bill
  150. California to reduce carbon emissions by banning black cars
  151. The dirty green line
  152. Airborne Dust Reduction Plays Larger Than Expected Role In Determining Atlantic Temperature
  153. Dems Fail To Fast Track Cap And Trade
  154. Arctic Watch 2009
  155. Earthquakes and Melting Ice
  156. Obama Looking into Radical Technologies to Cool the Earth
  157. U.S. to ban commercial salmon season
  158. Aerosols May Drive A Significant Portion Of Arctic Warming
  159. The psychology of herding + global warming
  160. A brick through Australia’s AGW window
  161. Fossil Corals Show Catastrophic Sea-Level Rise?
  162. Third-World Stove Soot Is Target in Climate Fight
  163. Scientist Links Melting Polar Ice to Greenhouse Effect but His Group's Own Research Shows Otherwise
  164. Obama to Regulate Carbon Dioxide
  165. Australia's Emissions trading will 'cost Ford millions
  166. Physicist Compares Global Warming Craze to Aztec Sacrifices
  167. Yellowstone rumor
  168. Fire influences global warming more than previously thought
  169. Report: Democrats Refuse to Allow Skeptic to Testify Alongside Gore At Congressional Hearing
  170. Under the volcano
  171. Global Warming looking a little silly .
  172. Seeking to Save the Planet, With a Thesaurus
  173. Ancient tsunami 'hit New York'
  174. Life Thrives Atop Steaming Underwater Volcano
  175. 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' Cleanup Effort Begins
  176. Submarine Has Second Try to Collect Data From Beneath Ocean Waves
  177. Global warming: the missing science
  178. Chaiten Volcano update
  179. UN 'stunned' by scale of bail-out
  180. Mystery worms turn on northwest China herdsmen
  181. Michel Jarraud: Global warming proof undeniable
  182. U.S. climate law may not be needed for global deal
  183. Cold water ocean circulation doesn't work as expected
  184. Could this be 1st Tropical Storm of 2009
  185. '09 NOAA Tropical Cyclone Activity
  186. As Alaska Glaciers Melt, It’s Land That’s Rising
  187. Greenhouse gases drop, lowest in 19 years
  188. Obama: Must prepare for hurricanes
  189. 'Eco-warrior' Prince Philip attacks big families
  190. Chevron fights massive lawsuit in Ecuador
  191. Easy Being Green
  192. Mosquito evolution spells trouble for Galapagos wildlife
  193. Katrina Hits the EU
  194. Lightning Signals High Hurricane Winds
  195. The cloud with no name: Meteorologists campaign to classify unique 'Asperatus' clouds seen across the world
  196. NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming
  197. Predicted ground motions for great earthquake in Pacific Northwest: Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver
  198. Who's The Greenest Of Them All? Big Oil
  199. Pure white LED produced
  200. First Tropical Storm of Season Forms Off Mexico
  201. The Climate Change Climate Change
  202. Environmental tamiflu contamination
  203. Amazon Conservation Policy Working In Brazil, Study Finds
  204. Polar bear expert barred by global warmists
  205. Plants save the earth from an icy doom
  206. More than 800 wildlife species now extinct
  207. New Type Of El Nino Could Mean More Hurricanes Make Landfall
  208. El Nino declared
  209. Mysterious tremors detected on San Andreas Fault
  210. 'Uplift' baffles scientists, transforms area beach
  211. Ocean Current Shutdown May Be Gradual, Not Sudden
  212. Global warming: Our best guess is likely wrong
  213. Fury at French army over wildfire
  214. UK waste prompts Brazil complaint
  215. Honeybees sterilise their hives
  216. Drought turning Texas as dry as toast
  217. Northwest Passage choked with ice
  218. Pee in the shower to save rainforest
  219. Felicia now Category 3- Pacific storm
  220. El Nino 2009 - Wet winter for CA???
  221. Atlanta Gov. seeks rural Ga's. support for renewed push in water war.
  222. Black bears coming back to E. Texas
  223. Tropical storm possible in Atlantic: NHC
  224. Recent Hurricanes Not Matched Since Middle Ages
  225. ExxonMobil guilty in deaths of migratory birds in five states
  226. Global Warming? Blame cavemen.
  227. Water quality improves after lawn fertilizer ban, study shows
  228. Deadly citrus disease reaches MEXICO, threatens CALIFORNIA
  229. Methane seeps from Arctic sea-bed
  230. Record June ocean temps “consistent” with global warming
  231. Twin Plagues Threaten Northern Forests
  232. Scientists Find 'Garbage Patch' In Pacific
  233. Could this be 1st SoCal Hurricane?
  234. Tornado confirmed in Enumclaw, WA
  235. U.S. wraps up record summer lows
  236. Python "Nightmare": New Giant Species Invading Florida
  237. U.S. reconsiders Bush-era smog pollution standards
  238. California's Man-Made Drought
  239. Global Warming Man-Made, Steadily Worsening; Models Are Solid
  240. Seeing red: worst dust storm for 70 years sweeps east Australia
  241. Uh oh - kudzu in Canada?
  242. The Dog Ate Global Warming
  243. White buck at home in the Forest
  244. Global Warming and Risks of Severe Acne
  245. What is the use? Seriously.
  246. 163 new species found in Mekong Delta
  247. Are we dammed or not?
  248. Two meter sea level rise unstoppable
  249. Wrong but useful
  250. New ancient fungus finding suggests world's forests were wiped out in global catastrophe