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  1. Nouriel Roubini Says Worst Still Is Ahead of Us: Year in Review
  2. Toyota, Honda, Ford Say U.S. December Sales Fell More Than 30%
  3. 1929 wrong model for current crisis
  4. Bruce Sterling: State of the World, 2009
  5. Hyundai rolls out no-cost car return program
  6. Brace yourself: Political-market risks in 2009
  7. Toyota to suspend production for 11 days in Japan
  8. Price dip adjusts Bush's gas legacy
  9. U.S. Economy: Service Industries, Pending Home Resales Decline
  10. Willem Buiter warns of massive dollar collapse
  11. AZ runs out of cash in February
  12. Fed Policy Makers Saw ‘Substantial’ Risks to Economy
  13. Obama Predicts 'Trillion-Dollar Deficits for Years to Come'
  14. FOMC Members See Economic Contraction In 2009; Warn Of Deflationary Pressures
  15. Leading Democrat offers mortgage aid bill
  16. Meltdown 101: What shows up in the Fed minutes?
  17. State Unemployment Claim Systems Overwhelmed
  18. Fed predicts economy will get worse
  19. 2009 Planned Job cuts to be 3X 2008 cuts
  20. "Enron" in India
  21. Early warnings signal ugly earnings season
  22. Private job losses mount, ominous for payrolls
  23. Adult Entertainment Industry Wants a Bailout
  24. Paulson to Discover Fate of His $500 Million Fortune
  25. U.S. Debt Is Losing Its Appeal In China
  26. Boston, Commercial R.E. Tanks
  27. U.S. 3-year Treasuries sale heightens bubble worries
  28. Intel, Time Warner Shortfalls Signal Further U.S. Forecast Cuts
  29. China’s growth obsession may spawn jobless upturn
  30. Oil Rises as Lebanon Rockets Hit Israel, Widening Gaza Conflict
  31. Obama warns of dire consequences without stimulus
  32. Chinese yuan set to replace dollar
  33. Even Wallyworld shoppers are cutting back
  34. Boeing aircraft orders fall >50% Y/Y
  35. January Retail Implosion thread
  36. Obama proposes FED muni backstop
  37. David Walker = FAIL
  38. Deal Between Lawmakers And Citigroup On Mortgage Adjustments
  39. Consumers can rescue the economy
  40. GM CEO: No Need to Cut Benefits to Retirees
  41. Bank of England interest rate cut to lowest for 300 years
  42. The Influence Game: Builders construct a tax break
  43. Will Obama's Stimulus Package Work?
  44. Lenders Look Beyond Credit Scores to Determine Who's a Risk
  45. Layoff Nation: Job Losses Keep Coming
  46. Wal-Mart and the Retail-Stock Markdown
  47. Citigroup supports measure giving courts big say on mortgage reductions
  48. Where Did Taxpayer $ Go? Panel Slams Treasury
  49. China Losing Taste for Debt From U.S.
  51. Peter Schiff Compares US economic crisis to the collapse of Russia
  52. Ohio unemployment out of money by Monday
  53. London bankers buying coffee on credit
  54. Mish calls a depression
  55. Merril says rich clients turning to gold
  56. 'Atlas Shrugged': From Fiction to Fact in 52 Years
  57. Hot Dog Economics
  58. Where Did The Bailout Billions Go?
  59. Obama: stimulus plan can add, save up to 4 million jobs
  60. Of boom, bust but maybe not the Black Death
  61. Economists see longest recession since World War Two
  62. NH Employment Better Than Nation's
  63. CNN to Air I.O.U.S.A. Today and Tomorrow
  64. MSM: Rich turning to gold. (hard asset)
  65. Seattle Post-Intelligencer is put up for sale
  66. Zimbabwe introduces $50 billion note
  67. Need a cyber job?
  68. Scotland on a par with Cuba
  69. Is China's Recession Worse Than We Thought?
  70. Who companies look to keep during layoffs
  71. Obama weighs decision about bailout funds
  72. Senate Democrats see changes in stimulus plan
  73. 2009 Top 10 Japan Predictions
  74. Culture Shift: Top Trends for 2009
  75. Economic downturn pounds commercial real estate market
  76. Wal-Mart Faces ‘Challenging’ First Half, Scott Says
  77. Commodities Tumble as Recession Erodes Grain, Energy Demand
  78. From east to west, a chain collapses
  79. Healthcare will not escape the effects of the economic implosion
  80. Bernanke: No 'lasting' recovery without more bank aid
  81. GM Brazil labor unrest after layoffs
  82. Bernanke suggests U.S. buy toxic assets from banks
  83. Shipping rates hit zero as trade sinks
  84. China’s Economy Overtook Germany’s in 2007, Data Show
  85. Oil Rises a Second Day as OPEC May Make Deeper Production Cuts
  86. Vermont's Red Ink Still Rising
  87. U.S. Economy: Retail Sales Decline for a Record Sixth Month
  88. The Bernanke Chronicles
  89. U.S. Home Prices Will Continue to Tumble Until 2010, PMI Says
  90. Bear Market Sucker's Rally Losing Steam
  91. Rumours
  92. Steve Jobs Takes Leave of Absence Until End of June
  93. Nortel Bankruptcy ‘Blow to Psyche,’ Investors Say
  94. Last Nail in the Coffin for the U.S. Economy
  95. Pension assumptions hitting the wall
  96. INSTANT VIEW: Retail sales fall 2.7 percent in Dec
  97. Foreclosures in U.S. Rose 81%, Topping 2.3 Million Last Year
  98. Bank of America to get more government help: WSJ
  99. The Ominous Sign Of Laying Off People At Profitable Companies
  100. Question on COBRA
  101. Economic Riots
  102. Apple drops to 4th
  103. House unveils stimulus package
  104. Taxpayers' Billions: How Banks Are Using It
  105. Saving millions from spectrum sales
  106. U.S. Consumer Prices Probably Had First Annual Drop Since 1954
  107. Rescue of Banks Hints at Nationalization
  108. Paulson, Bair Raise ‘Aggregator Bank’ for Toxic Debt
  109. United States : Treasury International Capital Report
  110. Zimbabwe rolls out Z$100tr note
  111. Report Finds Major U.S. Companies Have Offshore Tax Havens
  112. WRAPUP 1-Two U.S. banks fail, first casualties in 2009
  113. Trichet Vision Unravels as Italy, Spain Debt Shunned
  114. Downward Economic Spiral Driving Consumption Down
  115. best jobs
  116. Celebrities Losing Millions on Their Multi-Million-Dollar Homes
  117. National Bankruptcy Day 2/10/2009
  118. Can you help sponsor a poor executive?
  119. Baltic Riots Spread to Lithuania in the Face of Deteriorating Economic Conditions
  120. Arabs lost 2.5 trillion dollars from credit crunch: Kuwait
  121. Circuit City Down the Tube
  122. Obama Financial Rescue May Revive Effort to Resolve Bad Assets
  123. Global lending thaw may yet return to deep freeze
  124. Deflation? Stimulus? Deleveraging? Recession? Soft Depression?
  125. Monetary union has left half of Europe trapped in depression
  126. U.K. to Expand Bailout Plan
  127. Summers Says TARP Will Focus on Consumers Rather Than Banks
  128. Obama to push bankers to resume lending
  129. Detroit 3 say they'll need help to go electric
  130. Dell gets a cool Polish reception
  131. NY Times seeks Slim chance
  132. Brazilians in Japan protest job cuts
  133. Detroit auto show opens- crowds sparse
  134. Asia holiday sales test depth of economic woes
  135. Oil hoarded in Tankers - Oil Contango..
  136. Britain launches new bank bailout to boost lending
  137. Cargo letup weighs on nonunion dockworkers
  138. ‘Time to Sell’ Treasuries, Biggest Korean Fund Says
  139. Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion
  140. China Accelerates Filling Up Its Oil Reserves
  141. Economic Pearl Harbor- Buffet
  142. Jim Rogers Says Worried About Dollar, Favors China
  143. Record fall in Taiwan's exports
  144. Spain Downgraded by S&P as Slump Swells Budget Gap
  145. Are We Going To Sit On Our Hands?
  146. Unsold Car Images From Around The World
  147. Bank Of America Needs Over $80 Bln In New Capital, FBR Says
  148. One-Quarter of Stimulus Money Won’t Be Spent by 2011, CBO Says
  149. There Is Only One Solution To The Banking Crisis
  150. Market's Worst Inauguration Day Ever
  151. Banks Foreclose on Builders With Perfect Records
  152. Ghost Malls Will Be Appearing
  153. Rail & Intermodal
  154. Aussie Mining Giants to cut thousands of jobs
  155. U.S. and UK on brink of debt disaster
  156. HIGHLIGHTS-ECB's Trichet at European Parliament
  157. Berlin expects worst post-war recession
  158. Unemployment climbs as record numbers made redundant
  159. Economic & Financial Markets Outlook 2009, Part1
  160. Intel To Consolidate Manufacturing, Close 5 Factories
  161. Ireland’s Banks Sink With Decline of ‘Celtic Tiger’
  162. £ hits 23yr low against US$
  163. Toyota #1, GM #2
  164. How Stimulus Affects You
  165. China’s Economy Grows 6.8%, Slowest Pace in 7 Years
  166. As Big Brother steps up, time for credit: James Saft
  167. 2009 Economic Freedom Index
  168. Libor Climbs to Two-Week High; Money Markets Reach ‘Crossroads’
  169. Jobless claims surge to 26-year high
  170. China Is ‘Manipulating’ Yuan, Geithner Tells Congress
  171. 3,000 automobiles -- sedans, SUVs, regulars -- abandoned outside Dubai International Airport in the last four months
  172. Senator Calls On President, Congress To Tell Americans: Our Banking System Is Insolvent
  173. Jobless claims surge to 26-year high
  174. In unchartered waters, earnings outlooks dry up
  175. China Inc. takes stock after overseas buying spree
  176. Citigroup, Bank of America ‘Nationalized’ as U.S. Calls Shots
  177. Where You Won't Shop in 2009
  178. The Chinese Devil Wears Prada: Why 0% Growth is the New Size 6.8%
  179. HD to cut 1,100 jobs
  180. IBM: Stealth layoffs
  181. UPS cuts 500 positions
  182. General Electric expects more credit losses in 2009
  183. California Unemp. Rate to 9.3%
  184. U.S. Treasury 30-Year Bonds Post Biggest Weekly Loss Since 1987
  185. OMG, Mad Magazine goes quarterly
  186. Economic Depression 2009 Will Not Prevent Inflation
  187. How bad has it gotten?
  188. Can Dow Chemical choke down Rohm and Haas?
  189. INTEL preparing to auger in?
  190. Venture Capital Fell 33% Last Quarter to Lowest Level Since ’05
  191. Freddie Will Ask For More U.S. Funds
  192. Flood of foreclosures: It's worse than you think
  193. Economy in Collapse - Drastic Actions Will Be Taken
  194. Toyota to cut output 60% in April
  195. Deep in the pickle jar
  196. Obama restores funds to pay for abortions around the world.
  197. Thousands set to lose their jobs this year
  198. Oil Up 11% in 3 Days
  199. Silicon Valley plans for economic "nuclear winter"
  200. The Scariest Chart Ever
  201. ‘Soviet’ Britain, A Look At Americas Future
  202. Here comes terrible- Earnings, economy
  203. Revealed: Day the banks were just three hours from collapse
  204. Graphic Illustration of Bank Market Caps
  205. Top economist issues deflation warning
  206. Engines of Economic Growth Beyond the Depression
  207. Democrats Lower Hopes Stimulus Package Will Shore Up Battered Economy
  208. Leaders to flock to Davos to discuss economic crisis
  209. Bernanke Risks ‘Very Unstable’ Market as He Weighs Buying Bonds
  210. Caterpillar to Cut 20,000 Jobs;
  211. Sprint Nextel to eliminate 8,000 jobs (AP)
  212. Existing Home Sales Rise but Prices see Record Drop.
  213. Japan Caught in the Pop of Its Manufacturing, Export Bubble
  214. December leading indicators rise; 'intense' downturn seen
  215. California Unemployment 9.3%
  216. Bernanke: Game Over?
  217. Preparing for Quantatative Easing failure
  218. Home Sales Rose Unexpectedly Last Month
  219. A Brief Introduction (temporarily a sticky)
  220. 70,000 jobs axed as global financial crisis deepens
  221. Welcome to the Depression
  222. Layoffs Spread to More Sectors of the Economy
  223. Bankers braced for bitter pill of regulation
  224. Bad Faith Economics by PAUL KRUGMAN
  225. Twenty-five people at the heart of the meltdown
  226. Bank bailout could cost $4 Trillion
  227. Millions of Chinese set to lose jobs as New Year celebrations end
  228. Frank Is ‘Open’ to Increasing U.S. Bailout’s Size
  229. Nowhere to run to baby, no where to hide
  230. "Bad Bank" to be announced next week
  231. The Ailing Economy is Making People Sicker
  232. TARP Bank Shares Dwarf Decline in S&P 500: Chart of the Day
  233. Relax: There Will be no Depression
  234. Fed begins 2-day meeting, eyes alternative tools
  235. Outsourcing faces new era of scrutiny
  236. Obama’s New Stimulus Plan May Be the Needle That Pops the Treasury-Bond Bubble
  237. Play The Bailout Game
  238. Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste
  239. Marketwatch:How realistic is a North American currency?
  240. US Mortgage Applications Plunged Last Week
  241. Forbes:the great college hoax
  242. United States : FOMC Meeting Announcement
  243. Bad (United States) Bank (FDIC/Treasury)
  244. Davos- Doubts surface about economic Viagra
  245. Niall Ferguson: Credit Crisis is Worse For Everyone Else
  246. U.S. Draft Law Would Ban Most Credit-Default Swaps
  247. U.S. New-Home Sales Fall to Lowest Level on Record
  248. Ruble Tumbles Most in Decade as Speculators See Target Breaking
  249. Huge crowds join French strikes
  250. Unemployment Benefit Rolls in U.S. Soar to Record