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  1. Ship Industry May Mothball Most Vessels Since 1970s
  2. Confidence Among U.S. Company Chiefs Sank Further
  3. Rising U.S. unemployment to hurt food sales: analyst
  4. Economy Falling Years Behind Full Speed
  5. Source: Bank 'stress test' results delayed
  6. Rapid Economic Contraction May Lead to New Wars and Radicalized Politics
  7. World Economy Falling Faster Than in 1929-1930
  8. Japan Current-Account Surplus Narrows on Export Slide
  9. U.S. mouth writing checks its body won’t cash
  10. Treasury to extend TARP to life insurers: report
  11. SEC to consider restricting short sellers
  12. Will the Dark Cloud of Commercial Real Estate Blot Out the U.S. Recovery?
  13. Pittsboro trades dollars for "Plenties"
  14. Bank of America Needs $36.6 Billion, Oppenheimer Says
  15. 10 Principles for Black Swan-Free World
  16. Bernanke's Deflation Preventing Scorecard
  17. California's anti-tax crusaders talk revolt
  18. Banks Holding Up in Tests, but May Still Need Aid
  19. Bailout Bonds
  20. Moody's strips Berkshire Hathaway of top rating
  21. The Roubini Vs Cramer thing .
  22. State Lawmakers Are Confronting a Freefall in Tax Revenues
  23. Largest US Banks at Risk of Failure According to Weiss Research:
  24. U.S. Economy: Trade Gap Narrows to 9-Year Low as Imports Plunge
  25. Retailers post sales declines; upscale stores worst performers
  26. Using Corporate Bonds as an Economic Predictor
  27. Rampant Signs of Economic Deflation as Consumer Spending Contracts
  28. Fed Said to Order Banks to Stay Mum on ‘Stress Test’ Results
  29. U.S. government to buy 17,600 American-made autos
  30. Goldman Sachs mulls stock sale to repay TARP money: report
  31. AIG Shareholders Class Action Amended to Include Geithner, Paulson and Cox as Defendants
  32. Tax receipts down 28% Year over Year/ budget deficit triples in 6 months
  33. Derivatives 101
  34. The Financial War
  35. IMF Estimates $4 Trillion In Bank Losses
  36. Zimbabwe: Local Currency Out Of Use For A Year
  37. CEOs Face Growing Threats at Home and Abroad
  38. IEA Cuts Oil Demand Forecast to Lowest in Five Years
  39. The Incredibly Shrinking Market Liquidity, Or The Upcoming Black Swan Of Black Swans
  40. Report: GM Prepares for 'Surgical' Bankruptcy
  41. Epic crash of personal and corporate tax receipts
  42. Action on AIG unit may cost taxpayers - WSJ
  43. Bond market vigilantes saddle up
  44. Bailed-out banks face probe over fee hikes: report
  45. China Slows Purchases of U.S. and Other Bonds
  46. Life Insurers Profit as Retirees Fear Outliving Their Savings
  47. Treasuries Advance as Fed Prepares to Buy Notes Today, Tomorrow
  48. Everyone Should Pay Income Taxes
  49. Anatomy Of A Bank Takeover
  50. Is Geithner's Game Up? Damning Report Calls BS on His Smoke-and-Mirrors Bank Rescue Plan
  51. Oregon unemployment spikes 2% in March
  52. The Coming Siege of Austerity
  53. Surveying the economic horizon-Robert Shiller
  54. Argentina Will Stop Using U.S. Dollar
  55. How risky are uninsured bank deposits?
  56. German Economics advisor says hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost
  57. Wells Fargo May Need $50 Billion in Capital, KBW Says
  58. Singapore's economy shrinks more than expected
  60. the rookie delinquent taxpayer
  61. Market illusions vs. the reality of capitalist crisis
  62. Signs of Economic Recovery Fuel Debate Over Federal Bailout Program
  63. YouTube- headed toward the dustbin of history
  64. The future is smaller for private equity
  65. Fed weighs news conferences in tranparency push
  66. U.S. planning to reveal data on health of top banks: report
  68. Is Goldman’s Share Offering an Attempt to Further Ensnare the Government?
  69. Monthly US Industrial production fell for 14th time in the last 15 months
  70. Sales-Tax Revenue Falls at Fastest Pace in Years
  71. The Production-less "recovery"
  72. FED Beige Book- economy tanking, but slower
  73. Brace for hyper-inflation
  74. U.S. Machine Tool Consumption Down 66.2% Y-T-D
  75. China buys less U.S. debt as reserve growth slows
  76. Tax-free Internet shopping may be at an end
  77. A 'Copper Standard' for the world's currency system?
  78. Foreclosure filings jump 24%
  79. General Growth Seeks Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
  80. U.S. Housing Starts Probably Fell in March After Condo Surge
  81. AIG, Zurich Said to Near $2 Billion Auto Unit Deal
  82. Ahead of the Bell: Jobless claims
  83. U.S. foreclosure filings jump as moratoriums end
  84. Live like a monk, retire early
  85. NV has largest budget deficit in the country
  86. Forced week off at Adobe not exactly a vacation
  87. Prophets of doom- meet the economic Cassandras
  88. Baseline Scenerio- April 2009
  89. Bank Runs: Past, Future and Right Now
  90. No End Yet for Downturn in Housing
  91. The Defaults go downtown
  92. Abitibi-Bowater files for bankruptcy protection
  93. Why Our Credit Crunch Mirrors the Weimar Hyperinflation from 1919-1923
  94. Ending Weyerhaeuser Shareholders Know Is CEO’s Focus
  95. Renewables to spark U.S. grid revolution
  96. Interactive map of vanishing employment
  97. Lenders Can Remotely Disable Your Car
  98. C$24k Phone bill
  99. Credit-Swaps Dealers Take Beating as Auctions Produce Losses
  100. Bernanke Says Crisis Damage Likely to Be Long-Lasting
  101. Joblessness Reaches 10% in Indiana; Jumps in Oregon
  102. Citi: Net Credit Losses Rising Rapidly
  103. CA- 11.2% unemployment, 2.1 million
  104. BOJ's Shirakawa says conditions to deteriorate
  105. GM readies plans for bankruptcy it hopes to avoid
  106. Jim Puplava - Financial Sense News Hour Apr 18 2009
  107. Watch out this weekend
  108. Stiglitz Says Ties to Wall Street Doom Bank Rescue
  109. Volcker Says Fed’s Authority Probably to Be Reviewed
  110. Treasury subordinates taxpayer on GM loans
  111. Video game sales plunge in March
  112. NC Senator Urged Wife to Empty Bank ATM During Last Fall's Crisis
  113. Fed Using Currency Swaps to Boost the U.S. Dollar
  114. The Tower of BIS Basel: Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a New Global Currency
  115. Wall Street: Plan for a storm
  116. Tax crackdown looming
  117. China's "highest level"
  118. New trade and reserve numbers from China
  119. Commodities: Rebounding, and Then Some
  120. Diamond industry rocked by a soft market
  121. Molokai Ranch: A year after closure, times are hard but spirit is alive
  122. Zero Percent on Treasury Bills as China, Fed Policies Converge
  123. Collecting debt w/ Myspace
  124. U.S. May Convert Banks’ Bailouts to Equity Share
  125. Latest GEAB Forecast - Not Good.
  126. QE not working out so well
  127. Treasury: Caught Lying Again
  128. Official: Chrysler Turned Down Loan Over Exec Pay Limits
  129. TARP cop: 20 criminal probes
  130. Treasury asset plan vulnerable to abuse: watchdog
  131. He's waiting on the perfect job
  132. Geithner Defends Bank Rescue Program Amid Warnings
  133. Sweden: Between A Rock And A Hard Place
  134. Treasury Gives Nearly $30B More to AIG Rescue Plan
  135. Quarter million on welfare in Silicon Valley
  136. An emerging opportunity in U.S. housing
  137. Treasury weighs new mortgage subsidies: sources
  138. Global Economy Expected to Shrink for First Time in 6 Decades- AP
  139. General Motors to "skip" $1 Billion Debt Payment Due In June
  140. The Quiet Coup
  141. Why I Fired My Broker
  142. Japan's trade surplus dives 99% in March
  143. GM to close factories for 9 weeks
  144. Tipping Point for U.S. Treasuries?
  145. Federal Borrowing Quadruples
  146. T.H. Properties Abruptly Suspends Operations
  147. Bank Profits Appear Out of Thin Air
  148. For Housing Crisis, the End Probably Isn’t Near
  149. Estonia: Economy May Shrink By 15 Percent
  150. As Housing Market Dips, More in U.S. Are Staying Put
  151. For Freddie And Fannie, Trouble At The Top
  152. China: Trade Delegation En Route To U.S.
  153. Latvia, Lithuania: Moody's Cuts Ratings
  154. Russia: Economy Contracts 9.5 Percent
  155. Cash-strapped Cities about to implode- examples
  156. Harvard Economic Historian Says, ‘We’re in a depression’
  157. U.S. Treasury Preparing Bankruptcy For Chrysler
  158. Auditors: Nearly 25% of Companies May Not Last the Year
  159. Pound Weakens After Moody’s Says U.K. Finances ‘Deteriorating’
  160. Germany's slump risks 'explosive' mood as second banking crisis looms
  161. U.S. March durable goods seen falling 1.5 percent
  162. G7 touts economic hope, takes heat on bank repairs
  163. Paulson and Bernanke: Indictment Time?
  164. The Money Masters
  165. Americans reclassifying luxury, necessity in recession
  166. IMF in Final Stages of Designing Its First Bond
  167. Statement by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
  168. GM Said to Keep GMC, Eliminate Pontiac in New Plan
  169. China's Hoarding Gold
  170. California sues Wells Fargo for $1.5 billion for securities fraud
  171. U.S. regulators close 4 banks and a credit union
  172. Pandemic threat - Will stock markets close ?
  173. Spending the stimulus: states can't afford it
  174. Economic storm clouds breaking, finance leaders say
  175. Swine Flu and the Economy
  176. Active funds, more high-paid value destroyers
  177. World Bank: Economic crisis turning into calamity
  178. Has globalization made us more catastrophe-prone?
  179. China calls for reform of global monetary system
  180. EU health chief: Don't travel to Mexico or U.S.
  181. Earliest Tax Freedom Day since 1967
  182. TARP cop sees unstressful bank tests
  183. Treasury has new mortgage incentives: official
  184. Citigroup, Bank of America Decline on Capital Report
  185. Fed Relies on Bank Reserves to Stem Inflation When Crisis Eases
  186. Hong Kong Banks Sell Lehman Notes to Mentally Ill
  187. Foreclosure Prevention Plan Expanded to 2nd Mortgages
  188. Drowning in debt: the long-term cost of the crisis
  189. Swine Flu Pandemic Would Cost Trillions
  190. Gulfstream, Cessna in 2-Year Slide as CEOs Shun Jets
  191. Swine flu fear catching fast
  192. Fed Fights a Record Global Bank Run
  193. Head of U.S. bank rescue program prepares to exit
  194. U.S. Economy: GDP Shrinks, Marking Worst Recession in 50 Years
  195. GDP? What GDP?
  196. AP: Fiat to Sign Important Chrysler Partnership Deal by Thursday
  197. U.S. Economy: GDP Shrinks in Worst Slump in 50 Years
  198. Geithner supports credit card bill
  199. Oh Beeeeen? (10y Ts)
  200. ‘You Sneeze, You Go Home’ Policy Slows Peso Trading
  201. Obama Criticizes Chrysler Hedge Funds That ‘Held Out’
  202. Fed Said to Be Close to Offering Five-Year TALF Loans
  203. Oh Beeeeen? (10y Ts)
  204. April Economic Summary in Graphs
  205. Individual "stress tests" may be unveiled
  206. A chink of light for the euro zone
  207. $1bn bill after Syncora halts payouts
  208. Michelle's recession footwear
  209. Two more banks fail
  210. Bloomberg Proposes Sales Tax Increase
  211. Cheaper to bulldoze the homes than to fix/sell it
  212. Underwear and the Economy
  213. Myron Scholes, intellectual godfather of the credit default swap, says blow 'em all up
  214. Philanthropies Come to the Rescue When Government Comes Up Short
  215. Warren Buffett: Inflation on the horizon
  216. Citi Defies Stress-Test Results
  217. Protest at Bank of America meeting, Congress promises to take up credit card reform
  218. Georgia, N.J. and Utah banks fail
  219. Mortgage Bankers Celebrate Victory
  220. Buffett Dismisses Government Stress Tests, Praises Wells Fargo
  221. The death and resurrection of the tech IPO
  222. Obama to roll out international tax proposals
  223. Bank stress tests to clarify U.S. credit crisis
  224. Boston Globe files WARN notice
  225. Chinese ordered to smoke more to boost economy
  226. GM Bankruptcy Probable as Obama Shields UAW Benefits
  227. Did Pentagon Lose Billions?
  228. Two top Fed officials see recession ending this year
  229. Short Selling of Banks Accelerates as New Financial Stress Test
  230. The Pension Pandemic
  231. GM may seek 1-for-100 reverse stock split
  232. Bernanke Warns of Danger of Credit Market ‘Relapse’
  233. The Next Mammoth Failures
  234. Whitney: Number Of Banks Could Be Halved
  235. Mexico: Swine Flu Outbreak Cost Economy $2.2 Billion
  236. U.S., Europe: Fiat To The Rescue?
  237. Insiders Selling At A Furious Pace
  238. Stressed: Bank of America Needs $35B in Capital
  239. How the USA will Look in 2012
  240. The recovery will feel familiar: lousy
  241. What investors need to know about the stress tests
  242. The Recession In Europe
  243. Bailed-out banks enabled subprime lending, study contends
  244. Oh Ben! How's That "QE" Working?
  245. Dollar Hovering at Cliff’s Edge
  246. Fixed Mortgage Rates Rise in U.S., Freddie Mac Says
  247. China fears bond crisis as it slams quantitative easing
  248. Tech slide, poor bond auction sinks Wall St
  249. Stress Tests: Ten Banks Need to Raise $74.6 Billion in Capital
  250. Commercial Mortgage Delinquencies Increase Sharply