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  1. U.S. Home Prices to Fall 14% More, Deutsche Says
  2. Obama's plan would give the government new powers to seize key companies
  3. Buy Liberty Dollars?
  4. Obama Sees 10% Unemployment Rate
  5. U.S. States Hold CO2 Auction as Feds Debate Plan for Emissions
  6. Much-trumpeted BRIC summit ends quietly
  7. China Reduced US Bond holdings in April
  8. How Will We Pay For The Health Care Plan?
  9. S&P Cuts U.S. Banks, Citing Regulation, Volatility
  10. Germans flock to gold bars vending machine at Frankfurt airport
  11. Mortgage Bankers Association Press Release
  12. The Coming Stock Market Crash: Time to Review
  13. Eddie Bauer declares bankruptcy
  14. New, Hard Evidence of Continuing Debt Collapse
  15. U.S. Deflation CPI Drops 1.3% in Past Year, Biggest Drop in 59 Years; Where To From Here?
  16. Major U.S. airlines raise round-trip fares $20
  17. Jobless Claims
  18. U.S. Leading Economic Index Rose 1.2 Percent in May
  19. Treasury to Auction $104 Billion In Debt Next Week, a Record
  20. Proposed expansion of Federal Reserve may trip up Obama financial reform plan
  21. Obama’s Proposal to Avoid Next AIG May Grab Power From States
  22. What the World's Great Recession Looks Like
  23. Cheer up, it's going to get worse...
  24. CA exports fall 27%- 6th straight month
  25. What the cluck?
  26. Airline fee for fees
  27. Jdeleted, dupe
  28. Jobs: Is Working Online on Twitter the Next Gold Rush?
  29. Fed mulling revamp of repo market: report
  30. Buy credit default swaps. Profit.
  31. Studios panic as ad sales don't materialize
  32. Insiders Exit Shares at the Fastest Pace in Two Years
  33. VIX, VStoxx Surge as World Bank Report Sends Equities Tumbling
  34. Russia Stocks Fall 20% in World’s First Bear Market Since March
  35. US Jobless Rate Likely to Hit 10% Soon: White House
  36. Numbers On Welfare See Sharp Increase
  37. MySpace to Cut Two-Thirds of Non-U.S. Workers, Close Offices
  38. Dairy-Cow Kill to Double Milk Price After Slump
  39. U.S. Economy: Slide in Home Prices Spurs Increase in Resales
  40. No Gold, No Bullets: Now It's Personal
  41. Obama Says Second Fiscal Stimulus Not Yet Needed
  42. Carney Says Canada’s Slump Has Become as Deep as U.S.
  43. Dollar Weakens Most in Six Weeks as Fed Speculation Declines
  44. Ford, Nissan, Tesla to Receive $8B in Loans from DOE
  45. Airport security fast-track company shuts down
  46. $60,000 in debt, and nothing to show
  47. How to survive for the newly graduated
  48. U.S. mortgage applications climb from 7-month low
  49. First exit for the Fed
  50. Buffett Tells CNBC U.S. Economy Shows ‘No Bounce’
  51. Japan exports fall 40.9 percent in May
  52. JPMorgan Charges 5% on Credit-Card Balance Transfers
  53. Dangling shoes on fence tell story of economic woes
  54. Barney Frank Is A Slow Learner
  55. Latest Schultz Shock: a 'bank holiday'
  56. Stossel On Obamanomics
  57. Bernanke's 2009 may make 2008 look like cake walk
  58. China Should Buy Gold to Hedge Dollar Fall: Researcher
  59. Would you hire her?
  60. Wall Street Begins Campaign to Thwart ‘Populist Overreaction’
  61. Spin Economics
  62. Boeing loses 15 Dreamliner orders
  63. GE's Immelt says U.S. economy needs industrial renewal
  64. Bank Regulators (FDIC) Close 5 more banks.
  65. Americans Will Regret Health Care 'Fix'
  66. Why the job-loss numbers are total fiction
  67. China's banks are an accident waiting to happen to every one of us
  68. Agency MBS (Mortgages)? Better Read This!
  69. Bernanke is a Total Failure Unsuited for Role as Fed Chairman
  70. Retailers are having a miserable summer
  71. 15yo explains credit derivative swap (CDS)
  72. Deep capture and corruption at the top
  73. Poll finds Alan Greenspan to blame for credit crisis
  74. U.K. First-Quarter GDP Drops 2.4%, Most Since 1958
  75. Delinquencies Double on Least-Risky Mortgages, U.S. Report Says
  76. Eurozone inflation turns negative
  77. AIG In Trouble.......................Again
  78. Governments Grab Unused Gift Cards
  79. NYSE Halts Transparency, Feels Goldman Program Trading Disclosure Is Unnecessary
  80. Mandatory retirement policy creeps closer
  81. ADP Estimates U.S. Companies Cut Payrolls by 473,000 in June
  82. British Sterling Crisis Looms
  83. Bank Fees Rise as Lenders Try to Offset Losses
  84. U.S. mortgage applications fall to 7-month low
  85. IMF issues debt to strengthen crisis finances
  86. GM tells judge that asset sale is its "only option"
  87. Fed’s Yellen Says Rates May Stay Near Zero for Years
  88. Nation's Unemployment Rate Edging Closer to Double Digits
  89. Hotel foreclosures jump in CA
  90. 'We're in the Middle of a Crash'
  91. *** The Happytalk Express thread ***
  92. ‘Rogue broker’ blamed for oil spike
  93. India Joins Russia, China in Questioning U.S. Dollar Dominance
  94. US Debt Clock
  95. Japan corporate tax revenue craters 30%
  96. Biden: 'We Misread How Bad the Economy Was'
  97. Guitar Maker Revives No-Frills Act From '30s
  98. American Economy Is Terminal.
  99. Big Banks Don't Want California's IOUs
  100. Black Swan- Goldman trading code in the wild
  101. US may need a second stimulus: Obama adviser
  102. U.S. Lenders May Have to Raise $300 Billion
  103. Credit delinquencies hit record high
  104. Ikea furniture retailer to cut more jobs
  105. Southwest launches large two-day fare sale
  106. Yuan Deposes Dollar on China Border in Sign of Future
  107. Swiss Government Says It Would Seize UBS Data Sought by U.S.
  108. Darling Said to Tell Banks to Prepare for Unwinding Businesses
  109. NOL, Lines Seek End to Transpacific Price War, Panic
  110. Germany May Shake Off Recession as Factories Ramp Up Production
  111. FBI: Mortgage fraud on the rise
  112. Not Your Father's Recession
  113. China - Not A Good Place To Do Business
  114. Bonds Default rate climbing
  115. $18M Being Spent to Redesign Recovery.gov Web Site
  116. GM’s Sleepy Hollow Nightmare Shows Perils for Closing Factories
  117. China’s Bureaucrats Stir Anger by Approving BMWs for Officials
  118. Goldman Sachs Trading Revenue May Beat Record
  119. Treasuries Decline as Demand Drops at $11 Billion Bond Auction
  120. Frank proposes home loan plan for jobless
  121. Homeless numbers include more families
  122. HI union comes face:face w/ reality and reality bites
  123. China tops U.S. in car sales so far this year
  124. Flu Wipe-Out
  125. Commercial Real Estate Woes Grow
  126. FDIC Said to be Unwilling to Back CIT Debt on Risk
  127. AIG Is Preparing to Pay Millions More in Bonuses
  128. Treasury sold warrants below market value: panel
  129. Flash Of Genius
  130. New World Currency Coin to Replace the Dollar: Here
  131. Unemployment Claims: How Bad are the "Real" Numbers?
  132. Chinese are big savers --> Mulitiplication
  133. Canada Marching Double-Double to Invade New York
  134. WellsFargo retards sue themselves in foreclosure
  135. UBS Tax haven for 52000 US Citizens
  136. Future fiscal obligations, (US)
  137. Your future - a detailed forecast
  138. Obama team sees jobs growth in health, environment
  139. Geithner to reassure Gulf allies on dollar assets
  140. GM Bankruptcy Judge Approves Delphi Asset Purchase
  141. U.S. budget deficit rises above $1 trillion
  142. Chicago Cubs May File For Bankruptcy
  143. Rattner Departs as Head of U.S. Panel Overseeing GM, Chrysler
  144. The Economy Is Even Worse Than You Think
  145. Maui (HI) economy wipes out...
  146. Many underwater homeowners are deliberately walking away from mortgages
  147. Green Shoots Do Not A Harvest Make
  148. Obama says lost auto jobs are gone
  149. Hope & Change is Petering Out.
  150. Cash-poor Connecticut may sell land, buildings
  151. Pimco Says Yield Curve May Steepen to Record Level
  152. Food prices falling in US stores
  153. Los Angeles accused of criminalizing homelessness
  154. Treasury Bets U.S. Financial System Can Weather CIT Collapse
  155. Washington's Dilemma: This Isn't a Recession, It's a Collapse
  156. Can The Economy Recover?
  157. New Zealand: Fitch Lowers Rating Outlook
  158. China Debt Auction Demand Falls Short for Third Time in 2 Weeks
  159. Swine flu could extend recession by two years, says thinktank
  160. Young Hit Worst by British Joblessness
  161. Coercion - when illegal ?
  162. Unemployment Tops 10 Percent in 16 States in June
  163. It's tough to modify your way out of a hole: James Saft
  164. Warning: Shopping at thrift stores could affect your credit rating
  165. Colo., other states close rest areas to save money
  166. Swiss tax rules lure McDonald’s from UK
  167. Out of work, out of benefits, out of luck
  168. An Economy on Life Support
  169. Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons
  170. Gee, ya think?
  171. ANALYSIS: States Hit Hardest by Recession Get Least Stimulus Money
  172. CIT reaches $3 billion deal with bondholders: report
  173. Congressman Stearns: Mr Paulson How Do You Have Any Credibility?
  174. Gov paying over a half million dollars a pound for sliced ham?
  175. White House putting off release of budget update
  176. The Scariest Page on the Internet
  177. From left field, Brazil, Canada pull money out of Treasurys
  178. U.S. Bailout Costs May Reach $23.7 Trillion
  179. China’s new triumphalism is premature
  180. California Reaches Budget Deal, With Billions Cut
  181. Postal unions seek White House help on pay, benefits
  182. Bernanke: Fed able to foil inflation when time comes
  183. U.S.: Mercosur To End Use Of Dollar As Benchmark
  184. Retail industry braces for shopping center collapse
  185. UPS - "no confidence on economic recovery"
  186. Yep, it's a Depression
  187. Rosenberg Says U.S. May ‘Relapse’ Into Contraction
  188. The HOLY !@#!! Treasury Auction Schedule
  189. Econophysics- interesting bedtime reading
  190. "The Hawaii visitor industry changed in 2008, and it will never go back to what is was"
  191. Hawaii car/truck sales crater
  192. Harley sales down 35%
  193. AMEX net down almost 50%
  194. The Dangerous Minimum Wage Mirag
  195. 10 Myths About The Subprime Crisis
  196. Lets talk about the Federal Reserve
  197. Six Bank Failures Reported in Georgia
  198. UK: Bike sales up 20%
  199. Protesting Chinese steelworkers kill manager, clash with police
  200. Guaranty Bank warns that it's on the verge of failure
  201. The Dow index is distorted .
  202. 5 firms hold 80% of derivative risk
  203. Obstructing and Manipulating
  204. New Appraisal Code Raises a Row
  205. Bernanke: This may be worse than Great Depression
  206. Spitzer: Federal Reserve is ‘a Ponzi scheme, an inside job’
  207. The 1929 & 2007 Bear Market Race to The Bottom Week 91 of 149
  208. U.S. Stocks Retreat on Consumer Confidence, Earnings; Oil Drops
  209. AIG Unit Keeps $2.4 Billion From Sales as U.S. Taxpayer Waits For Payment
  210. AT&T Charges You A Fee For Getting A Discount
  211. Cash for Clunkers' Already a Flop
  212. Durable Goods Orders Drop 2.5%, Most in Five Months
  213. University: Doing it wrong
  214. Cash for Clunkers? About that...
  215. It's official: You own a piece of Citi
  216. NY governor sees budget gap, Wall St losing more jobs
  217. New York Times Falsifies History of Federal Reserve
  218. More Bailouts On The Way
  219. Little Sign of recovery - The Economist
  220. More U.S. banks put on "probation": report
  221. GDP: Uuuuggghhhh
  222. Honda Quits Making Motorcycles In US
  223. The Lear Jet repo man
  224. Foreclosure Business Boom: Lawn Painting
  225. State of the Retail Jewelry Busines
  226. Bond Market - China absent
  227. The Brits are toast .
  228. An abnormal recovery
  229. Welcome to the Bottom: Housing Begins Slow Rebound
  230. Sth Korea - Trade Surplus but Sales down.
  231. Japan hotel occupancy falls below break even
  232. Japan Tourist numbers plunge 29%
  233. Japan Consumer Prices Fall At Record Pace In June
  234. Jefferson County Alabama On Verge Of Shutdown
  235. Do Not Be Fooled, Another Major Economic Collapse Could Be Coming Sooner Than Many Think
  236. Some notes on local economy
  237. Tax revenues post biggest drop since Depression
  238. World Wealth Redistributed After Two Hundred Years
  239. Quotes about Shadow Money Lenders
  240. The exhaustees
  241. Regulatory revamp FAIL
  242. Goldman Sachs Sends Letter to Clients on High-Frequency Trading
  243. American Incomes Head Down, Threatening Recovery in Spending
  244. Durable Goods Shipments - It Might Surprise You
  245. FOOD- What we did not learn from Ethiopia
  246. Lost generation? U.S. grads work for free, look abroad
  247. Sirius XM shares up
  248. Green Shoot Watch
  249. Goldman Sachs $100 Million Trading Days Reach Record
  250. The New Credit Crunch Victims