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10-23-2008, 06:24 AM
Looks like my home town may yet get to be famous!

Nasa link to Haven project (http://www.milfordmercury.co.uk/news/3785104.Nasa_link_to_Haven_project/)
11:07am Thursday 23rd October 2008

The American Space Agency Nasa will link up with the Pembrokeshire Beagle Project, rebuilding Charles Darwin’s famous ship, to unlock the secrets of the world’s oceans, the Mercury can exclusively reveal.

The historic collaboration will enable the ship that once helped Charles Darwin explore the theories of evolution, to be rebuilt in Milford Haven in 2009, to exchange information daily with astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

The information could reveal secrets as important as those discovered by Charles Darwin’s famous explorations in the 1830s.

The crew on the space station will pass observations and photographs taken from high above the world’s oceans to the team aboard the Beagle.

The areas they intend to focus on include coral reefs, atolls and weather patterns, some of the elements that could shed light on the causes of global warming.

Observations and discoveries made through the link up will be instantly available to classrooms andlaboratories around the world in real time and via video presentations.

Director of science at the Beagle Trust, Karen James said: “This incredible opportunity to unlock secrets from space was never there for Charles Darwin.

“He didn’t do badly with just a microscope but imagine what we can achieve with the science of space exploration.”

Astronaut Mike Barratt who first approached the Beagle Project with the idea said: “Space stations, square riggers and marine biology; science does not get more exciting than this and we need to get the enquiring young minds of today excited by science.”

This link is set out in an international space act agreement signed by the director of space operations division at NASA.

The HMS Beagle Trust, based in Lawrenny, hopes to start the multi-million pound rebuild of the Beagle in Milford Haven next year, the bi-centenary of Charles Darwin’s birth.

It will be a modern seagoing version of the famous little ship that took Charles Darwin around the world in the 1830s on a journey which enabled him to write the Origin of Species.

The Beagle will be built on a site offered by the Milford Haven Port Authority, and with the links to the Pembrokeshire College-based Darwin Centre, there will be exciting opportunities for local participation.

The Beagle project is also supported by the American Friends of HMS Beagle, based in Rhode Island, whose managing director Norman James comes from a family of Milford Haven mariners and who still has relatives in the county.

* Recently Pembrokeshire’s Darwin Centre coordinator Marten Lewis was a guest at the House of Lords and made a presentation on the proposed building of a replica HMS Beagle.

The Beagle Trust invited the Darwin Centre to advise on public engagement and schools education in science.

Marten Lewis spoke about the experiences and success of the Darwin Centres programmes and how it could be used to pilot potential educational and engagement activities on and around an iconic vessel such as the Beagle.

10-23-2008, 07:22 AM
Oh this is very cool.