View Full Version : Emissions trading scheme to cost households an average $7 a week

11-04-2008, 11:25 AM
HOUSEHOLDS will pay an average $7 a week extra in electricity and gas bills once the Federal Government adopts an emissions trading scheme

Treasury modelling released at 12.30pm today shows that based on a carbon price of between $23 and $32 per tonne, there will be a one-off rise in the consumer price index of between one and 1.5 per cent.

Households will spend an average of $4-$5 extra per week - around $260 a year - on electricity, and an extra $2 extra per week - $104 a year - on gas and other household fuels.

This is just to start, wait till they add a tax on a tax and then go in for the added bonus' of introducing the tax on everything we use every day. No mention straight up on Petrol or Diesel, nor the fact that every new cost will be linked to the CIP either.
And for What? an unproven tax on Co2 to avert Anthropogenic Global Warming that is still far from proven?....I hope they will be giving away free Vaseline for the Pineapple at Tax time. :confused1: