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12-05-2008, 11:36 PM
Make a thread with ideas how?

I know I find I'm sinking into a personal depressive pit and can't think a way out....just garden and get more chickens....but you are right....the should be other ideas on what we and others can do to make this better for each of us.

I have been getting depressed too and I know it has to stop. The best way I know to do that is get out and help others as well as prepare myself.

We have always been active in our community. Isolation kills. It is time to step it up. I have been watching for people in the community that are starting to hurt. When I was a boy, my mother would always fix more than necessary for our family even if it was only rice and beans and take some plates of food to a couple of families nearby. I will do the same.

There are dozens of families that I know that I would not hesitate to take into my house if they became homeless. I would not let them starve or go without a roof. There will be strength in our unity.

I have many ideas for earning food, money or barter. I also know many families that will not be hurt by a recession/depression but will not expect them to give me anything. They know me because we have worked together to clean the cages at the animal shelter or run the copy machine in the school workroom. I will identify what they need and work for what they offer. Yet I will give to others without expectation of anything in return.

I have tools and enough sense to make things. I can take most anything apart and repair it if repairable. When I was laid off because of a bankruptcy years ago, I salvaged lawn mowers and got them running again. Ninety percent only needed fresh gas, a new or clean carburetor and spark plug. I would put them in the bed of pickup with a for sale sign and go to the grocery store or barber shop. I sold several with only one trip out.

When people can't buy new things, they will want to repair or replace with used things. I can repair almost any appliance. Some don't even need parts. My wife can sew. My kids can tutor. The list of possibilities go on and on.

Things might be better soon but we might be in a time of hustling. It might be time to put our pride aside and do what is necessary to keep a shelter and get food. I am not going to sit around and eat my preps. The solution is in the doing.

I will not cling to my stuff. I will give away, throw out, trade or sell anything and everything to maintain my shelter and get food.

Most importantly, I am expanding my relationship with others, doing things for the community, and keeping an eye out for those that might need help. I intend to get through this as best as possible and drag as many people with me as I can.

I will take advantage if the government comes up with something for us but complaining and waiting for that to happen is foolish. It is up to the citizens to ensure their survival.

12-06-2008, 12:34 AM
Wonderful post, dyrt. I'll help get the ball rolling though I am sure others can come up with more creative ideas.

Right now, buy locally. Whenever you can, support the businesses in your town. Even if it is a chain store, they are employing your neighbors. Buy a pizza, go to the movies, get your car washed.

Go to your township or HOA meetings and ask them to modify rules to allow backyard veggie gardens, chickens, rabbits, clotheslines, window AC units to cool the bedroom rather than the entire house, and other measures that will allow distressed homeowners to save money. Speak out against foreclosing on occupied homes if the owners cannot afford to pay their bills. Organize your neighbors and water and mow lawns on abandoned houses. Set up a neighborhood watch, a babysitting exchange, a community garden, a barter club, organize summer activities for latchkey kids whose parents can no longer afford babysitters or summer camp. KNOW your neighbors.

dyrt, I like your idea of identifying people at risk that you may know. People will withdraw and suffer in silence and isolation when there are people willing and able to help. Engage them in useful work. Even elderly people can put seeds in pots, be active in neighborhood watches, do telephone contact work, and other tasks that will make them feel like they are contributing or exchanging meaningful work for food or help with household chores they can no longer afford to pay for themselves.

12-06-2008, 11:45 AM
I like the idea of helping people start gardens even if it is a few seeds in a pot. This gives me something to do with them and excuse to go visit.

It gives them something to do instead that involves thinking about the future in a positive way.

We will have added a little bit of potential food to the world and they might catch the bug and become great gardeners.

I have been thinking that I need to make some friends at the Senior Citizen Center. I bet there are some gardeners there. If not, it is time that there was some.