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Yukon employment numbers reach record high
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CBC News

There are more people working in the Yukon than ever before, but there's still a demand for more workers, according to the Yukon Bureau of Statistics.

New employment figures released Friday by the bureau show there are 17,500 people working in the territory last month up 200 from October, and attaining an all-time record, bureau spokesman Gary Brown told CBC News.

"That's the highest figure, monthly figure, we've seen since the labour force survey began," Brown said.

"The numbers are comparable back to 1995."

The Yukon's overall labour force also hit an all-time high of 18,400 people, which is about 600 more people than in November 2007. The latest number ties a record set in 2004, during construction of the Canada Games Centre in Whitehorse.

Last month's unemployment rate was at 4.9 per cent, unchanged from October.

According to the bureau, the Canadian economy lost more than 70,000 jobs last month, and the national unemployment rate rose to 6.3 per cent in November, up by 0.1 per cent from October.
Yukon insulated from employment shock

Statistics bureau director Greg Finnegan told CBC News the Yukon's economic statistics generally lag about three months behind national figures.

At the same time, he added that the territory's large government workforce should insulate the Yukon from any national downturn for some time.

"We're seeing growth in public sector and we're seeing growth in the service-producing industries," Finnegan said.

"You're reading the national news coming out of Toronto on the impacts of the housing and now the automotive sales sectors on the Ontario economy. For various reasons, we appear to be sheltered from that immediate shock."

Furthermore, Finnegan said the Yukon's most recent business survey shows there is still a demand for up to 1,000 more qualified workers.

"They had many vacancies, and you'll find it isn't just McJobs," he said.

"Companies were looking for professionals in engineering, in geomatics; they were working for health workers, office managers, as well as sales clerks."

The business figures will be updated when the Yukon business community is surveyed again in the new year.

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Great place for ice fishing.

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Great place for ice fishing.

Did I ever tell you about the time I got a job in Faro? :lol: