View Full Version : Cooling trends

08-27-2008, 09:06 PM
Many of us in northern states have notice, aummer hasn't stick in a theater near us.

If there is snow again this winter as expected, it shouldn't be so cold,

Temperatures is going sown, obviously.

Here in the 44th it feels like the 47th..

More blankets, better pyjamas, isolations of windows..

Bring the snow by you house to warm it up. buy a old wood stove, forget to warn your insurance (1,200$, clean you cheminey, keep it simple, no granules, no slow cumbustion, too much creosote, old dry 2 yrs dry wood.

Upper states elderly came to the same conclusions, forget about oil furnaces, about electricity, open your southern stores let the sun shine in.

Two years maples dry wood is the best, better is the seldom Oak.

Watch the creosote, it has a live of its own and its volitive longing can burn you house. Have staight cheminy and fix those that has elbows for congestion of creosote.