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Here, for your amusal, is another example of dumbass. Lets go for a drive, alone, in the winter, when its snowing, down a road we a completely unfamiliar with, carrying zero in the way of emergency gear, to include a simple fxxkin car charger for my fxxkin cellphone. I hate people like this. Just once, I'd like the story to read "authorities found him/her well prepared, with ample food and water, and state that other than a broken X that rendered the vehicle undriveable, he/she was in no danger".

I have a friend that used to fly cross country in a single engine T-34B that he rented from the Aero Club at Nellis AFB. He wore on each flight, even local joyrides, a complete survival vest with food, water, an emergency radio, pencil flares, a combination smoke/flare, emergency blanket, etc. etc. He also carried a parachute.

I never doubted that if he ever went down, rescurers would find him sitting next to a fire, under a lean-to, smoking a cigar and working on a nice pot of rabbit stew.

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