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Arrow Critics petition against Glenn Beck Day

Critics petition against Glenn Beck Day

Critics of radio and TV host Glenn Beck say they gathered 16,000 names on a petition asking the Mount Vernon City Council to overrule the mayor's decision to give Beck the key to the city.

The Associated Press, via The Seattle Times
Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. — Critics of radio and TV host Glenn Beck say they gathered 16,000 names on a petition asking the Mount Vernon City Council to overrule the mayor's decision to give Beck the key to the city.

Members of the Seattle group Fuse planned to deliver the petition to Wednesday night's council meeting. The petition accuses Beck of fear mongering and race baiting.

Mayor Bud Norris declared Saturday "Glenn Beck Day" to honor the nationally known broadcaster who grew up in Mount Vernon. The Skagit Valley Herald reports Beck got his start in radio in Mount Vernon.

The Saturday night Glenn Beck event at McIntyre Hall has sold out all the tickets at $25 each. It's a fund raiser for Mount Vernon's Lincoln Theater.

Information from: Skagit Valley Herald, http://www.skagitvalleyherald.com

================================================== ===================================

NAACP blasts Mt. Vernon award to Glenn Beck

Sep 23, 2009

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. - The mayor's decision to award the keys of the city of Mount Vernon to controversial talk show host Glenn Beck has come under fire from the local chapter of a national group.

The Snohomish County chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP, lodged the protest with Mount Vernon Mayor Bud Norris.

In a letter to Norris, the chapter wrote, "Beck has a history of making divisive, offensive statements. (His) ideology is inflammatory and insulting to many of your own constituents."

Norris earlier announced his intent to give the keys to his city to Beck on Sept. 26.

Norris says Beck will deliver a short talk that night and become the first person to receive a key to the city in the six years Norris has been mayor.

But the NAACP's Snohomish County chapter noted that Beck has been the subject of recent scrutiny for his on-air behavior, including labeling President Obama a "racist."

Chapter President Janice R. Greene, who authored the letter to Norris, said, "The message being sent goes beyond your local community."

Greene requested a meeting with Norris to discuss reconsideration of the award. But she said he declined to meet with her and discuss the decision, which was never voted on by the Mount Vernon City Council.

Greene also said the NAACP has been a national agent for change since the organization was founded 100 years ago.

"The NAACP has waged a century-long struggle to stimulate citizens to live up to the highest ideals of the nation," she said.

"Given these core values of the organization, we cannot stand idly by while actions are taken which deliberately seek to stimulate the lowest impulses of human nature - using techniques of insult, intimidation, falsity, and fear."

Greene said the executive committee of the Snohomish County Chapter of the NAACP "has indicated its unanimous and strenuous objection to this ill-considered action."

"We have faith that this type of rhetoric and behavior is not embraced by the majority of the citizens of Mount Vernon or those residing in the surrounding communities," she said.

But Norris earlier told KOMO News the key does not represent city approval of every comment that Beck may make, but recognizes a local boy who made it big.

Norris says he knew Beck when the talk show host was just 12 years old, and awarding him the keys to the city is merely a recognition of someone who is from Mount Vernon.

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Glenn Beck's Homecoming Riles Up People in Washington

By Manuel Valdes
The Associated Press, via CNS News
Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mount Vernon, Wash. -- Glenn Beck's visit to his hometown in Washington state this weekend seemed simple enough on the surface, with a ceremonial key to the city awaiting him and the mayor naming the day in the Fox News personality's honor.

But this being Glenn Beck, nothing is that easy.

Groups have demonstrated on the streets and in city council meetings over the conservative commentator's visit. Petitions have been collected calling on the cancellation of the visit. A small business owner put up a sign that says: "Glenn Beck & Hatred not welcome here." And the leader of a nearby city has offered the key to his city to Jon Stewart in sort of a mayoral rebuttal.

Welcome home, Glenn.

Mount Vernon Mayor Bud Norris came up with the idea to honor Beck, proclaiming Sept. 26 as "Glenn Beck Day" as a way to honor his success as a nationally known broadcaster. The event at which Beck is scheduled to speak sold out.

The media circus and the strong public reaction over the event has not fazed Norris, who says people have sent him gifts from across the country to give to Beck.

"I knew him here as a kid," said Norris, a Republican. "I was really unaware, really, of what he was doing in the last 25 years or so until I became aware he was on CNN ... I decided to recognize him for his professional achievement, not for his political views."

Nearly on cue, though, the announcement sparked a wave of opposition, riling up the liberal base in and around Mount Vernon, an agricultural city of 26,000 people 60 miles north of Seattle.

In neighboring Whatcom County, where Beck went to high school, the mayor of Bellingham offered the keys to his city to Stewart, the host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show."

"For me the bottom-line issue is, is somebody adding to the national conversation in a good way, are they adding to civic culture and civic discourse or not? I don't think Glenn Beck does. I think Jon Stewart does," said Bellingham Mayor Dan Pike.

Comedy Central did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment on the proposal.

In a statement, Beck said "the people of Mt. Vernon are great people and I'm humbled by this honor and proud to be from there." Beck added he learned the value of hard work at his family bakery.

In his show, though, Beck poked fun at the surrounding controversy and mocked Seattle residents.

"I'm afraid of even landing in my own home state. It used to be sane in Seattle. In the outlying areas, it used to be sane. Now, not so much," Beck said on his radio show on Sept. 2. "You don't know some of these people in Seattle ... They don't have a life. They're out hugging salmon and setting them free."

Beck's roots in Washington are deep. His father ran a bakery in downtown Mount Vernon. His mother drowned while boating in the Puget Sound when he was a teenager.

In high school, he moved to Bellingham and attended Sehome High School. Throughout his days here, he seemed keen on making a living on radio and television, landing radio and television gigs early on and a DJ job out of high school.

"I remember very well, him laying out his life goal at 12, 13 years old," said Bruce Wersen, one of Beck's childhood friends and now a local pastor. He wanted to "follow in the footsteps of Johnny Carson."

Beck's fame has soared exponentially since then as he got a show on CNN three years ago and later moved to Fox. From his syndicated radio program and TV show, Beck has become a vocal critic of President Barack Obama and shepherds a strong national following. His targets are standard conservative targets: illegal immigration, big government spending, and so on.

On a guest spot appearance in a Fox News morning show earlier this year, Beck said Obama had "deep-seated hatred for white people." That comment sparked a boycott of his Fox show and many companies pulled their advertisements.

Norris saw the controversy after the Obama comment, but he forged ahead with his plans for the event, despite opposition from his own city council.

"A person's recognition shouldn't hinge on a single statement," Norris said. "I wouldn't have said it, but I'm not going to try and tell him what to say in his profession. That's up to him."

Norris said he had worked on this visit for over a year. He's paying for it himself. But that doesn't matter to people. They see a mayor who unilaterally chose to honor a polarizing figure such as Beck.

One organization claimed it had collected more than 16,000 online signatures decrying Beck's visit. The chapter of the NAACP in neighboring Snohomish County also joined in protest, singling out Beck's comment about the president.

Demonstrations are expected at the event Saturday. His supporters are expected to show up as well.

"I'm really sorry that it is happening," said Rosie Gates-Malone, a 59-year-old Mount Vernon resident. "I think Glenn Beck is an extremely divisive, controversial person. He doesn't bring people together. I think it was a big mistake on our mayor's part."

Allison Moreland, who owns a business in downtown Mount Vernon, was vexed by the call for boycotting local businesses after Norris' announcement.

"I think the mayor has the prerogative to do what he wants," Moreland said. "The little bit I've listened to, I pretty much go along with (Beck's) stuff, what he's saying about the government. I think a lot of people need to hear it."

In the business next door, called the Mount Vernon Cafe, owner Ray Moseley shrugged off the hoopla.

"We got a lot of problems in this world," Moseley said. "There's a few of them we shouldn't get too excited about. This one being one of them."
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Ought Six
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Arrow Looks like the 'hate Glenn Beck' movement has flopped badly....

Glenn Beck's Seattle event draws a few dozen protesters

By Susan Gilmore
The Seattle Times
Saturday, September 26, 2009

About 30 protesters turned out for the appearance of controversial TV and radio talk-show host Glenn Beck at Safeco Field at midday today, many expressing their displeasure with Beck calling President Obama a racist.

Don Sly of Seattle held a huge, tongue-in-cheek sign that said, "Sure he's an idiot bigot, but he's our idiot bigot, Welcome Glenn."

Sly said he came to Safeco because he wanted to express the concern many people have with the conservative movement in this country.

Sly said he has issues with Beck calling the president a racist.

"He's perfectly free to do it if he can back it up," he said.

Beck, 45, came to Seattle, amid a torrent of anger over his proclamation on July 28 that President Obama was a racist and that he believed the president has a "deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture."

Daniel Stevens of Seattle said Beck is one of the worst people in the country and racism should not be allowed run rampant in America.

For Hayley Nicholas of Seattle, her dislike of Beck affects her physically.

"Glenn Beck makes my stomach hurt," she said.

Not all were against the media personality, though.

Craig Hartmann of Redmond, who was standing in line to buy tickets, said Beck speaks a lot of truth.

"He's not a racist," Hartman said. "The race card being played by the left side of the aisle is wrong."

As ticket holders made their way into the stadium, protesters shouted, "Save your souls, don't go in."

Thousands of people bought tickets to hear Beck speak at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation's "Take the Field with Glenn Beck" at Safeco Field.

A $500 private reception was sold out, as was a $250 private visit with Beck and $100 seats in the stadium. General-admission seats were $15.

On Saturday night, Beck, a Mount Vernon native, was to be presented a key to the city by the mayor of Mount Vernon, even as members of the City Council voted to distance themselves from the event. It passed a resolution on Wednesday saying, "Mount Vernon City Council is in no way sponsoring the Mayor's event on Sept. 26, 2009, and is not connected to the Glenn Beck event in any manner."

According to Beck's Web site, he began his radio career in Seattle when he was 13 and worked at various radio stations around the country after graduating from Bellingham's Sehome High School. The Glenn Beck Program now appears on more than 350 radio stations.

================================================== ===============

Commentary by OS:

If they could only get thirty protestors in a far-left stronghold like Seattle, that can only be characterized as a stunningly embarrassing failure by Beck's liberal critics who were trying to whip up a frenzy of hate against him. Considering that Beck's event drew what local news station KOMO-TV described as "an overflow crowd", and Safeco Field baseball stadium holds just shy of 50,000 people, the anti-Beck protestors are looking pretty pathetic.
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A group who call themselves "black" and belong to an association for the advancement for colored people call Beck a racist. What an insane world!
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