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Default .500 blood alcohol level


Phi Delta Smasha
Iowa frat pledge hospitalized with nearly .500 blood alcohol level

NOVEMBER 10--As part of an apparent hazing ritual, an Iowa fraternity pledge consumed so much booze that his blood alcohol level was nearly .500 when, barely breathing, he was admitted early Sunday to a Des Moines hospital. Nate Erickson, a 19-year-old Drake University freshman pledging the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, was found unresponsive at a home used by the frat, according to the below Des Moines Police Department report (which was unearthed by the Times-Delphic). Erickson's mother told cops that her son had sent out text messages "stating that 'they' were making me do full cups of Everclear and that he had already done 5 beer can shots."

Everclear is a grain alcohol with an exceedingly high alcohol concentration. Jacqueline Erickson, who reported that her son also texted "I'm gonna die," told an investigator that she was concerned that he "was possibly forced to drink the alcohol as part of a hazing ritual." The incident is being investigated by Drake officials as well as Phi Delta Theta's national leadership. Though towering, Erickson's blood alcohol content nonetheless fell short of levels previously reached by drunk motorists with BACs like .72, .69, and .55.
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A career drunk can tolerate an alcohol level that would kill someone not accustomed to consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time.

Drinking full cups of Everclear is simply outright stupid. The older frat members responsible for the hazing are about to find themselves in a world of hurt.

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Ya know, I was in a fraternity and nobody ever made me do anything.

I did a LOT of stupid, irresponsible, insane sh*t, but in the end, I made the decision to do it.
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The Drake neighborhood is one I stay far away from. They have a lot of crime there.

Police: Hazing Incident Was Nearly Fatal
Student Nearly Died In Hospital
POSTED: 7:34 am CST November 11, 2009
UPDATED: 9:45 am CST November 11, 2009

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Two Drake University students face criminal hazing charges after police said they forced another student to drink so much his blood alcohol was 6 times the legal limit.

Nate Erickson, 19, survived but had a blood alcohol level that was high enough to kill him. It takes so much alcohol to get to that level, it's actually poisonous.

David Kaptain has spent 20 years helping people with alcohol problems. He said college binge drinking is nothing new. Often students don't understand the danger.

"When somebody gets to a point-5, that means a lot of alcohol has been taken in a short time. The brain literally forgets to tell the person to breathe," said Kaptain.

Erickson was not breathing and nearly died in the hospital after an alleged hazing incident involving the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

Erickson told his family he was forced to drink full glasses of Everclear, potent 150 proof liquor that is 75 percent alcohol. Kaptain said to reach the point-5 blood alcohol level, Erickson would have probably had to drink as many as 10 glasses.

That much alcohol becomes a poison so strong it can cause coma and death. That is why Des Moines police are treating this case as more than a college prank.

"This is a message that hazing is a crime and we want to make sure that they understand. And you will be held accountable for your actions," said Sgt. Lori Lavorato.

Two Drake students, Skylar Otto and Joseph Hatchett, are charged with hazing.

Experts have some advice for other students worried about peer pressure and drinking.

"The costs of being in that situation and actually getting alcohol poisoning are much greater than the social cost to get out of that situation. So leave," said Kaptain.

Erickson's mother, Jacqueline Nickerson, released a family statement. She said, "It is our sincere hope that the media coverage of the alcohol poisoning that nearly killed Nate will help raise awareness of how dangerous alcohol can be and help prevent similar situations from occurring. We believe the other young men had no malicious intent. They just made bad choices. Nate acknowledges that he also made bad choices. That doesn't mean they're bad people."

The Powel Chemical Dependency Center offers help for people who have a binge-drinking problem or know someone who does. You can reach them at 515-263-2424.

In addition to criminal charges, the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity has also suspended the two men and another member. The fraternity is working with Drake University on the investigation. The fraternity's social calendar has been canceled until further notice.
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