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Arrow Warning regarding "naked" scanners at airports

Dr Michael Love of the Johns Hopkins University school of medicine is warning that "naked" scanners will statistically cause skin cancer in some people, as the amount of x-rays on the skin is much higher than if it were evenly distributed though out the body. He recommends avoiding the "naked" scanners, and asking for an "enhanced" manual search by a TSA agent to avoid health risks.

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Captain Joyce May, a commercial airline pilot, says, "By the time you're at normal jet cruising altitude of, say, 39,000 feet, the total radiation is about 64 times greater than what it is at sea level."

"People who work in the nuclear power industry on an average basis are getting 1.6. There are people who fly in airplanes who are getting 2 or 3 or 4 milliSieverts per year. So they are truly radiation workers."

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