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Default Spam in Guam

Spam in Guam

Spam, not the email but the "meat product," is generally considered in the United States to be something that should be eaten in trailer parks by people who only have a hot plate to cook with. In Guam, it's the national past time.

It is somehow considered a part of Guam's traditional native cooking, despite only being invented about 70 years ago, with an average of 16 cans per year consumed by every man, woman, and child on the island.

Hawaii does things like this with Spam and they only consume 6 cans per person.

You'd think there must be a story behind that, and there is. Spam's very cheapness made it an ideal military ration during World War II, where U.S. troops stationed in Guam and other Pacific Islands were sometimes forced to eat it for three meals a day.

The Guamanians snapped up the habit, because they weren't exactly stinking rich during the war either. But once the war was over, the American soldiers went home and probably vowed to never look at another can of Spam again, while the people of Guam didn't really have a native Guam diet to go back to.

You see, Guam has been occupied by one colonial power or another continuously over the past 400 years, to the point that no one's completely sure what "authentic Guam culture" even is anymore. Even the most touted "native Guam dishes" are Filipino.

Like red rice, which appears to be the rice version of Spam.

So even if they dumped American-influenced foods like Spam, they don't exactly have any "keepin' it real" food to replace it with.

And Spam is the gift that keeps on giving. The Spam diet, along with other American-influenced food, is at least partially responsible for a high rate of cardiovascular problems in Guam, with 60% of deaths there coming from bad diet and lifestyle.

Next war, maybe we should just get them some socks.

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_18895...-overseas.html
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Spam's very cheapness made it an ideal military ration during World War II, where U.S. troops stationed in Guam
I like Spam but it's really expensive now.
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guam, spam

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