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Originally Posted by CanadaSue View Post
I see it here too. Does everybody in the world have a cell phone but us? We'd love to have one for two reasons: calling 911 if out of the house & for: "Honey, I missed the bus, I'll be an hour late, don't worry" or "I knew I forgot something on the grocery list - could you get a green pepper for the stir fry tonight?"

We can't afford it. I'd thought of saving for a cheap, (on sale), pay as you go phone, then discovered if you buy a card that loads say... $10 on your phone, you have to use it THAT MONTH! It doesn't roll over. Screw that - we'll remain phoneless.

Just went through http://www.comparecellular.com/plans-and-services/ what a bummer.
Pay over a dollar a month to access 911?

If there is anything good in Finland it must be the no thrill cheap phone services, no plans just a get a phone and take any provider you want 7 cents a minute, a bit less if you a not on a prepaid service.
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It's not something I'm going to sweat. Somehow, I've managed to live this long without a cell phone & the idea of being reachable 24/7 is not my idea of fun.
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I guess I sit on the opposite side... I have an iPhone and will probably never have a land line. Being pretty much instantly reachable (particularly by my troops) and having access to both phone and email on one device anywhere has been immensely useful to me in a number of situation. I've registered for university classes while away on training, found out about a soldier's major pay problem potentially affecting his credit rating while I was sitting in class, and getting a solution found the same day, I can do any of my banking from anywhere with a signal, anywhere I am in town I can find out instantly where and when the next bus is to get anywhere else (particularly handy late at night)... Fantastic device from both a personal and a work standpoint.
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I only have a cellphone because I test them for a living, and am allowed to carry almost any of them (including ones not yet released). I do not give out my cellphone number, so I am not instantly reachable to anyone but my boss and coworkers. I use it to call out, to do Google searches when I am out of the house and need to know something, and to websurf when I am in a boring situation (like my Friday morning meeting). A cellphone is okay if you manage it, instead of letting it manage you.
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