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Originally Posted by Sysiphus View Post
We grilled flank steak from Costco last night - gonna do it again tonight.
Flat iron steak or Butler's steak in the UK is the way to go.
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that guy
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I attended an actual barbecue once -- only once. It was wonderful. A bunch of drunks and wetbacks dug a pit in an unused area behind the bar and built a joyous fire in it. It was 1954, I was ten years old, and I had no idea what they were doing. The next day they dug out the pit and served big chunks of meat and charred potatoes wrapped in foil. The potatoes were yawners, but the meat was wonderful. Ever since then "barbecue" has only meant a semi-liquid mixture in a stainless steel tub, served with an ice cream scoop.

BTW, that was the biggest social event ever in this town of 680 souls, except for the Christmas play at the grade school.
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Don't care for the NC version of BBQ, even less for the SC version (mustard based... eeech!)

My faves-St. Louis style (tomato-based, very saucy) and Memphis-style (rubbed spices, little sauce)... until you've been to Memphis and eaten at Rendevous Ribs, I'm sorry for you, you just ain't lived yet... ribs so good they didn't need the sauce (which was also excellent!)... Next time I'm in Memphis, I'll have to look up Superior Ribs, which is supposed to be even better than Rendevous...

There's some decent BBQ joints around here in Tampa Bay, and I certainly know how to cook it myself (and everybody in my family except my mother, who's vegetarian, are expert authorities on BBQ) so there's no real shortage down here... now having lived up above the Maple Syrup Line, there's some good cookin going on, but it's not quite the same as down here... it won't bring you to your knees like some of the 'que I've had down here...

Franc (penguinzee, and BBQ conn-a-suer)
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barbecue’, ‘canadian

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