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Default How to spatchcock a chicken

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AndreaCA (11-05-2011)
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blue gecko
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That looks easy enough!
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Thanks! Interesting! And then you can boil the bits you take out for stock. But wouldn't the bone-in dark meat still take longer to cook?
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Ought Six
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The largest pieces of dark meat are the thighs. They are a lot smaller than the breasts, where most of the white meat is. And the thigh bone helps conduct heat right into the center of the meat.
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AndreaCA (11-06-2011)
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Correct ought- the reason you do this is for even cooking. It's THE best way to BBQ a chicken- it stays juicy while still creating crispy skin. http://www.sunset.com/food-wine/kitc...72/page16.html I think mark bittman did a whole thing on it. It's similar to what the Italians do with "chicken under brick" : (found it) http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.c...under-a-brick/

And until I saw this, I completely forgot that Martha Stewart ran a column on spatchcocking your thanksgiving turkey! I SO want to do this but my family are worse traditionalists than me--at least about thanksgiving and I can't change A THING!!

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AndreaCA (11-06-2011)

chicken, spatchcock

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