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Default Russia unveils 5th gen Kalashnikov


Russia unveils fifth-generation Kalashnikov assault rifle

Russia unveils fifth-generation Kalashnikov assault rifle. 46463.jpegRussia's largest firearms manufacturer, JSC Izhmash, unveiled its first model of the fifth-generation Kalashnikov assault rifle. The new rifle is tentatively called AK-12. The assembly of the new weapon, the development of which was initiated by Izhmash's chief designer Vladimir Zlobin, was completed in 2011. Specialists currently test the new weapon, the press service of the enterprise said Wednesday.

Russia's Interior Ministry has already requested the AK-12 for test exploitation. Izhmash is ready to arrange the deliveries of the new weapon for the Russian army too, Interfax reports.


The AK-12 has classic configuration, which creates a constructively simple automatic rifle with an option to mount powerful muzzles and large magazines. The new rifle is created as a basic platform, which will then be used for the development of nearly 20 different modifications of civil and military firearms. The caliber of cartridges used for the new rifle may vary from 5,45х39 to 7,62х51 mm.

Designers enhanced the ergonomics of the new rifle. The controls of the weapon (the lock, the selector of the kind of fire, the clip latch, the bolt latch) became available for one hand, which a person holds the weapon with.

The Picatinny rails were integrated in the construction of the AK-12. The rails are used to mount additional equipment: optical, collimating and night sights, mexometer, grenade launchers, lights, target indicators and other equipment. The devices allow to use the weapon effectively during any time of the day.

The new rifle also has the folding stock, and the height-adjustable heelpiece. The operating rod handle of the AK-12 can be mounted either on the left or on the right, which makes the weapon comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed people.

The list of novelties includes three fire modes: single shots, three shots and automatic fire. The muzzle of the assault rifle has been amended to shoot foreign-made barrelled grenades. Specialists currently design new magazine cases for the AK-12 - for 95 cartridges.

To increase the efficiency of single fire, the AK-12 was equipped with a new mechanic sight with enhanced sightline. The changes also touched upon the firing mechanism and the construction of the gun group. The AK-12 also uses state-of-the-art technologies in the field of coatings and materials. Over ten technological solutions will be introduced and patented when building various models of the assault rifle.
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Cool! Didn't know that was out there. Now you've got me looking.

I recall how cheaply Mikhail Kalashnikov once offered to sell us his rifle. If this can be offered in the rounds we like, at a price well below the AR or even the Mini 14 and Mini Thirty, I could see a lot of buyers jumping on it for the legendary AK reliability.

There's a bit about it here:


FWIW, I've never particularly loved the AK magazine release, but I'm impressed that virtually all AK magazines I run into will work. It's a design that tolerates small variations in dimensions (as opposed to Ruger Mini 14 and Thirty, which are quite finicky). Also, the extra thick magazine lips are a good idea on a "peasant proof" rifle.

And I wish the bolt locked open on empty.
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