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Default Real-Time Data Tracking on SETI Website

This should be pretty cool - tomorrow you'll be able to go to setilive.org, watch live data coming in from the Allen Telescope Array & let them know if you see anything interesting.

'SETI' Site Up Again And Searching For Intelligent Life: NPR

TARTER: Well, people will actually be able to look at raw, real, live data coming from the telescope. I don't think it will be quite as exciting as the clip that you just played, but in fact, people will see signals. They will actually be able to tell us about them, describe them. And if we decide that these are signals that we haven't seen before, then we'll follow up on them in real time, and people will be able to participate in that follow-up as well.
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All fascinating stuff but I am not going to hold my breath. Any ET life will have to be in our own galaxy for any chance of positive ident. Also they will have to be older than us in technology as our technology is only poking out through about two hundred light years distance all round. So they are hiding from us or their technology has not reached us yet.

The only other option is discovering a planet in the goldilocks orbit with O2/N2 signature similar to us that might indicate a possibility of life. Only way to prove such a discovery is travel there. Even our best probes are going to take generations before we get a positive answer.

As for the possibility of EXTRAterestrial life, how would we know even if we find it?

BUT! That doesn't mean we shouldn't stop looking.
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One possible way to look for life is looking for night lighting on planets. You'd need to select candidates from the goldilocks zone first and you also need a much bigger telescope then what we have now.

A number of big telescopes in space working as one huge telescope.

And of course they have to leave their lights on...
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Glad they got the funding to start back up. Sagan would be pleased.
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