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Default Is Atlantic Salmon (Farmed Salmon) Linked to Obesity and Diabetes?

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I have avoided farm raised Salmon, and most farm raised fish. I only buy wild Salmon. Easy to avoid since I'm not too fond of this fish.
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So, the next question would be: Is there a current common source of PCBs and chlorinated pesticides for the average U.S. resident?

The greatest source of exposure to these compounds is from farmed salmon (Salmo salar). (umm? maybe, maybe not) Several studies have revealed that farmed salmon has exceptionally high levels of PCBs and the chlorinated pesticides.

(I assume because the Chinese fish meal used as fish food for Farmed raised fish,, whereas wild salmon eat lots of krill and herring which are lower on the food chain and less contaminated.. ) farmed raised salmon are mostly devoid of Omega 3's which the wild salmon accumulate from their natural diets AND Farmed Raised are feed artificial color to make them look pink, least they'd be a whitish gray color... but all in all I'm not that picky, I'll eat what you cook..

Further research revealed that the toxicant levels in the fish correlated directly with the toxicant levels in the fish food that they were fed, with the most toxic feed and fish coming from the area around Scotland. Dr. Ronald Hites did some of these excellent studies, including one in which he compared the PCBs in Alaskan wild salmon with those from farmed salmon. The wild salmon had lower levels of total PCBs, but the PCBs they had were more water soluble and far less toxic. The farmed salmon had far higher levels of PCBs that were less water-soluble and much more toxic.

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