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Default Burkinis for Christians

You know, I am OK with this. Let's be honest, someone people (men and women) wear things that don't look the best on them.

As Ms Pote says, "Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it."


Born-again Christian, 27, who believes sexuality is a 'gift from God' sets up business selling burkinis for women who want to cover up on the beach

By Bianca London

A born-again Christian from Ontario has launched a line of modest swimsuits that protect their wearers from sun, chlorine and, most importantly, lustful stares.

Crystal Huyben, 27, isn't a fan of baring all by the pool and prefers to cover her body from head to toe when she takes a dip in the water.

'Modesty has always been important to me, believing that our sexuality is an amazing gift from God, it's something to be protected, not put on display for all eyes to see' she told the Huffington Post.
Crystal Huyben models a stylish swimsuit from her collection, Simply Modest

Crystal Huyben models a stylish swimsuit from her collection, Simply Modest

Huyben sewed her very first modest swimsuit when she was just a teenager and now runs her own company called Simply Modest.

Her website is one of just a dozen launched over the past decade and Huyben and her fellow modest swimwear entrepreneurs have found a loyal fan base within a secular market.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/ar...ver-beach.html
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They look pretty enough to wear as summer clothes, but I wouldn't want to have to swim in one. After swimming in the nude, every piece of clothing feels strange to you in water. I do understand that most feel the need to cover what they feel is embarrassing to them or others, and that's fine too.

What I don't agree with is the religious spin to it. The last time I read Genesis it said that God put everyone naked in the Garden of Eden, and that humans only covered (clothed) themselves after sinning. God didn't give them clothes.

What that swim-wear designer said about men having lustful thoughts, and she wants to protect them and herself from that by wearing her suits is just wishful thinking IMO. Men have lustful thoughts, as do women. We have them when we see someone attractive to us for any reason. Each of us is mentally capable of envisioning the other naked if we want to, and no amount of clothing is going to stop that. If it were pure nakedness that causes lustful thoughts, all the men at my gym in the sauna area would constantly be erect. Personally, I think it is what you are accustomed to seeing. If everyone would run around naked all the time, I don't think it would be such a big deal. It is the fact that nakedness is such a "treat", or unusual that causes it to be exciting.
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Seen plenty of naked lady's in my time, and the internet is full of images of them if one wants to have a look.

Somehow fully clothed person is more of interest, like the top photo leaves a lot for imagination, if she was in a tiny weeny string bikini i wouldn't look twice, Baywatch came years ago :/
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There was someone on a forum (this one? CE? Some other forum I read?) who searched all over for a swimsuit like this, not because it was "modest" but because she had lupus(?) or some other condition where she had to avoid the sun as much as possible. And swimming was her favorite form of exercise, because it didn't strain her joints.
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