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Thumbs up Hyper-realism

There's something mesmerizing about hyper realistic drawings. I can't imagine the patience it takes to create something this precise and detailed.

>>>>Full article at the link

A feast for the eyes! Artist creates hyper-realistic paintings of burgers, fried eggs and iced cakes that look good enough to eat (but the bill will set you back £90,000)

Stunning images work of Netherlands-based Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay
Part of the self-taught artist's Mega Realism series which started in 1987
Prices for original works range from £13,200 to over £90,000

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Okay, the last one looks a little fake, (listen to the art critic!) but the other three. I'd have the paper half eaten before realizing it wasn't real.
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the egg doesn't look real to me.

Have to get back to my art work. I framed my two pastels in 50cent frames and hung them up. Good enough for me. One I'm going to use as the cover for my novel, if I ever finish it. (unlikely) I have fun writing, I enjoy painting, have to start again. Trouble is the apartment is too small for working. I'll have to make some money and move and have a proper work area. I really need space.

What passes for art here sometimes amazes me.
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I understand the skill required, but at a certain point, it seems to me it would be far easier to snap a photo and be done with it.

Kind of like the guy who's been writing his own operating system for the last 20 years. Sure, that required a ton of skill, but damn, that's a lot of time when he could just use something already available.
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Of course it would be easier to take a picture.

It's all about the skill. "Art" these days is anything at all - toss paint on a canvas and you are an artist. But when it comes to talent and skill, the ultimate test is realism. Realistic art is a combination of acute observation, the ability to translate what is observed to a two dimensional surface, mastery of the tools you use to create the image, and the surgical precise hand movements necessary to create extreme detail. IMO, no matter how pleasing a piece of art is, if it is not realism it cannot be defined as a masterpiece.

HOWEVER, hyper-realism like the above is manufactured art. Projectors place an image on an enormous canvas, then the artist fills in the areas paint-by-number style. (This is how Chinese art studios operate too - most of what you find on ebay and $49 hotel art sales.) When the image is reduced down on your computer, detail is sharpened, inconsistencies are minimized, and the picture becomes extremely sharp. There are other ways of getting the same results - light tables, camera lucidas, digital painting... but they all replace talent with technology. At that point - well, there is no point. Take a photograph.

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