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Default Altogether now, on the count of 3... DROOL!

It sure would look nice mounted over our mantle.

Historic 1886 Winchester rifle draws world record-breaking $1.2 million at auction

It has a fine walnut stock, a blue finish and a very simple inscription that reads “Albee to Lawton.” But this 19th-century rifle has become the most expensive single firearm ever sold at auction according to the Rock Island Auction Company, which recently sent the historic piece to a new destiny with an undisclosed buyer. The price: $1,265,000.

“Other guns have sold higher as a pair, but no other single firearm surpasses this new world record. It was an honor to be entrusted with an American treasure,” said Kevin Hogan, president of the Illinois-based company.

The rifle itself was a gift from one Congressional Medal of Honor winner to another. U.S. Army Captain Henry Ware Lawton and Lieutenant George E. Albee had been brothers-in-arms during the Civil War. The former continued his military career and saw combat in the Indian Wars, the Spanish American War and the Philippine American War. The latter went to work as a designer for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

After Lawton led a grueling but successful expedition which resulted in the capture and surrender of Apache leader Geronimo is 1886, his old friend was inspired to find a suitable recognition for the deed. His choice? The “Winchester Model 1886 Sporting Rifle (serial number 1)” which he obtained by virtue of his standing in the company. The gun survived in excellent condition.

...“Being serial number one and possessing such outstanding condition would alone be enough to draw six figures at auction. When you add one of the most famous names in the history of the Old West you, have a huge crossover appeal and set the stage for something special to happen,” Mr. Hogan said.

Find a comprehensive history of Lawton, Albee and the events here. Find the official description of the rifle here and a six minute video here.
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Looks a lot nicer than mine, however mine has many personalized dents and the stock my great grandfather carved out of a fence post with a knife. Apparently he did not like wasting cartridges and used it as a club more often that he shot it.
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altogether, count, drool

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