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Default 30 tonne meteorite discovered in Argentina is the second heaviest ever found

The huge meteorite was discovered in the Argentinian town of Gancedo
It originates from a meteor shower in the area 4,000 years ago
It is smaller only to the Hoba meteorite, weighing 66 tonnes in Namibia

Locals in the small Argentinian town of Gancedo were in for a
surprise when a massive meteorite was discovered earlier this
week. The meteorite weighs a whopping 30 tonnes, and is the
second biggest meteorite to have ever been found

Campo del Cielo Meteorite

I have a tiny piece of this particular meteorite and hope to acquire a much larger specimen one day.

The Campo del Cielo contains an unusually high number of inclusions for a nickel-iron meteorite which is probably why it fragmented as much as it did once it entered Earth's atmosphere. Had it impacted as a single mass there would be an impressive crater.
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