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Default Possible subsurface ocean on Pluto

Pluto's cold heart could be hiding an OCEAN: Dwarf planet's strange spin points to a subsurface sea
The dwarf planet's shape is overwhelmed by the weight of the growing pile of nitrogen ice
This causes its spin to change, creating tension and cracks in the ice at Pluto's surface
The existence of these cracks reveals that oceans could exist under the surface ice
Professor Brian Cox says that a subsurface ocean on Pluto could allow organic chemistry to thrive

The idea that Pluto has a subsurface ocean is not new, but the
study provides the most detailed investigation yet of its likely role
in the evolution of key features such as the vast, low-lying plain
known as Sputnik Planitia. Pictured is a detailed graphic of how
the subsurface ocean could have created the feature

Sputnik Planitia, the western lobe of Pluto’s icy “heart,” is a giant
basin that probably formed from a powerful impact northwest of its
present location. It reoriented to is current position near Pluto’s

Sputnik Planitia, which forms one side of the famous heart-shaped
feature seen in the first New Horizons images, is suspiciously well
aligned with Pluto's tidal axis. The likelihood that this is just a
coincidence is only five per cent. The alignment suggests that extra
mass in that area interacted with tidal forces between Pluto and its
moon Charon

The prevailing theory is that where there is liquid water there may be life. On Pluto! Now, wouldn't that be interesting?
Chance favors the prepared mind.
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