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Crafts If you are involved in any craft activity, tell us about it here! Show off your talents, and guide others who would like to learn.

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Default Craft shows

Since my son had so much knitting done, I decided that some of it should be sold. So about five years ago, I started doing craft shows again. At first it was fine. The last craft show had three crafters and forty 'home retailers'. Avon, all that. How can they call these craft shows? I tried to politely explain to one woman running a show, (that I didn't do), that a craft show is supposed to have actual crafters. She got upset about that.
For anyone that has craft shows in your area are you seeing this too?
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Most of the craft shows I've been to lately have been made up mostly of the pre-made stuff. Very few booths/tables of handcrafts actually done by the people.
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The last craft show I went to was a huge one and there were over 100 booths. Maybe 1/8 were company sales instead of crafts. I too always thought a craft show should be limited to people selling crafts they or a family member made. I've seen people selling selling things that look crafted but turn them over and there is a made in where ever sticker.
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They WERE limited, 20 years ago. I almost got kicked out of one because some idiot woman complained. I was making ceramic Xmas ornaments then. Had several dozen molds, my own kiln, the whole 9 yards. Stupid woman tried to argue with me and insisted that SHE knew better, that they were plaster of paris & I must have bought them at Walmart. I explained, showed her that my ornaments were hollow and plaster stuff is solid. Nothing convinced her and I finally told her to go away so that other people could come to my booth and actually buy things. She complained to the organizers, and someone came up to tell me that everything I had for sale was supposed to be HANDMADE and I would have to pack up and leave. Fortunately this woman was willing to listen to me. But really -- who argues with a craftsman that YOU know more about their work than THEY do?
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All the ones I have seen in the past few years are infested with all manner of things which have nothing to do with hand crafted items. (OK supplies I can see, stuff from China? No)

Etsy went that way, the local farmer's market went that way.

They police the gun shows well, at least keeping them to the back and the sides.
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Is it successful? I have made many crafty things, but haven't exhibit anywhere. How should I do the shows?
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