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Default caterpillars, every where

First we were awash in Japanese Beetles. We've put out 3 of the lures and they are half full of males in just a few days. The lures have put a dent in the population, but we still have plenty.

Now, it's caterpillars, gazillions of them, every where. They are black with white of light yellow stripes on each side. Anyone have any idea what they are?

I know some of them turn into beneficial bugs, but don't have a clue which are which. It would break my heart to go after them with DE only to find out later they were Monarch butterflies in the making.

Any clues of how to id the blasted things?
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Google "what is this caterpillar" and you should turn up several ID sites.
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I love them........ I used to let them crawl on my finger,I petted thier backs,etc
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