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Default Wonder Woman - Named As The United Nations' Honorary Ambassador

Wonder Woman Has Been Named A United Nations Honorary Ambassador


But given the state of the world economy, I think they should of picked this guy instead.

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Moved from the Economy forum...
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And control freaks are outraged.
The carefully choreographed ceremony was marred by some 50 UN staffers protesting
by the visitor’s entrance to the UN who then went inside the Economic and Social Council
chamber and silently turned their back to the stage during the opening speech,
some with their fists in the air.

UN staffer Cass Durant, who held a sign saying “Real Women Deserve a Real Ambassador”
said the protesters “don’t think that a fictitious comic book characters wearing basically
what looks like a Playboy-type bunny outfit is really the right message we need to send
to girls or even boys for that matter.”
OMG she was dressed to look attractive . The only possible interpretation is
that she was thereby surrendering power to men .


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Wonder Woman's costume has always looked basically like a Playboy bunny costume. That was the point. She had to appeal to the adolescent male readership after all.
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