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Default TWiV 396, about Peter Palese

TWiV 396, about Peter Palese
1:27 , 2009 mexflu , Vienna, VR there 1975-1979, PHD about sialic acid, neuraminidases, chemical
06:00 identify the function of NA, find and isolate enzymes in viruses.
Kilbourne. 22:40 Swine Flu 1976, argument : around since years but not yet jumped to humans,
so no pandemic danger, in conflict with Kilbourne. 30:00
{reminds me to his interviews about H5N1 in 2006, remember, he was one of the few
scientists in 2006 (the only one ?) who was not so alarmed about H5N1}
GB especially associated with that Swineflu-NA 33:00 .
GB: mimicry 37:00 antibody reaction
37:30 new H1N1 in 1977. Now extinct. Maybe it survived in an animal for 27 years.
VR : likely not a lab-accident. (U. of Pittsburg) 43:40 ad
46:20 universal flu vaccine. flu in USA in Apr+May this year, very unusual.
52:00 vaccine for conserved region of HA and NA, Garcia-Sastre,Kramer,and Palese
works well in animals. Covers all influenza also B {? , so I assume the fusion-protein of HA ?}
56:22 new viruses with unknown head.
59:00 we believe antibodies against conserved regions help actually in seasonal influenza
(so also H3 protects against H1 and vice versa ?!)
60:30 comes in 2017 ..
61:30 also protects against H5N1, 62:30 H5N1 won't jump to humans,
large amount of virus needed, so no widespread transmission like seasonal flu
64:20 Fouchier+Kawaoke , passaging in ferrets, more transmissiable but less virulent
no (big) danger for humans, no press 67:30 , impossible to find out (humans)
usually they lose, Jenner, 69:00 "I'm afraid it will be dictated by people who
are more concerned ... than scientific .... political ...
71:00 still enthusiastic krisper(?) = fantastic new technology

----------edit 2016/08/20------------------
so, why does it work, why do people (mice) get immunity from
their preserved-region vax, but not heterosubtypic immunity
from natural infection, which does contain the preserved region ?
(most preserved in HA is the fusion-protein ..GLFGAIAGFIENGWEG.. in HA,
directly after the cleavage site, where HA splits into H1(head) and H2(stalk))

here a comment with some links:
http://www.nature.com/articles/npjva...nternat ional
a chart says more than 1000 words

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