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Default avian influenza diversity in the 8 segments

updates including the new H7Nx files from 2015/03/13 is available
14560+14596+14609+21221+14256+17097+15370+14935=12 6644 avian sequences
segment 4,21221=
segment 6,17097=4646+3979+1000+292+388+2018+883+1731+753
segment 8,14935=10609+3071
12951+12976+13176+18393+13053+16047+14586+14172=11 5354 with > 90% of nucleotides
in the coding regions available

files bitse-r.GIF,bitse--r.GIF
http://magictour.free.fr/bitse78r.GIF (for printing 7r,81r,82r on one sheet)

(each of these has a subset of 900-1000 random,full(>90%),aligned sequences from that set,
each line is one sequence,each row is one position with mutations, each black pixel is a difference
from the average at that position. sequences and positions are resorted so to give minimum
sum of neighbor differences ((approximately) solving the corresponding Traveling Salesman Problem))
each set divides into an (mostly USA,Canada) American part and an East(EU,AS,AF,OZ) part
which are identified by the common thick black vertical bars
usually these are about the same size (except 81,82,47,45,69,...)
Segment 3 has 2 American and 2 Eurasian parts.

[I should add years and serotypes and amino-acid-sequences]

{ improvement ideas for the next updates:
include amino-acids - bipartite , include years, serotypes
include the 3499 Environment sequences, also humans, swine, etc
who have avian-like-sequences (-->all human not H1N1,H3N2, all other
than bat,human,swine,equine,canine , maybe exclude gull H13 ,
separate America,Eurasian and one list for all the rest}
a chart says more than 1000 words

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